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University of Houston Law Center
University of Houston Law Center professors and professional staff unanimously endorsed a plan to rename Calhoun Rd. that traverses the UH campus to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in an official petition and request to the City of Houston in August.
If approved by city officials, Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. would be extended north of Wheeler Ave. by the UH campus to Spur 5. Student groups at the Law Center will also take part in the renaming effort through different programming and events.
Part of the request stated, “Renaming the referenced portion of Calhoun Rd. to ‘Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.’ would allow the University of Houston community to honor the legacy of Dr. King, who fought to end racial inequality and systematic oppression in our country.”
The resolution was authored by the Law Center’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which is co-chaired by Professor Meredith Duncan, the George Butler Research Professor of Law and Assistant Dean of Diversity, Inclusion and Metropolitan Programs and Clinical Professor Geoffrey Hoffman, director of the Immigration Clinic.
Dean Leonard M. Baynes applauded Duncan’s and Hoffman’s leadership and faculty and staff for their commitment to equality, equity and anti-racism.
“It is not every day that you get 100 percent of faculty and staff to agree to anything,” Baynes said. “This issue was important enough that it compelled them to act. I am very proud of the strength of their commitment and convictions.”
“I am thrilled to be part of the effort to change the name of the road currently bordering the Law Center,” Duncan added.
“Changing this road’s current name to that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is sensible and fitting because once renamed, what is currently MLK Blvd. will logically extend north to Spur 5, right next to the Law Center.
“To have the Law Center situated adjacent to MLK Blvd. is a fitting tribute to one of America’s greatest citizens, a person who died pursuing justice and equality for our country. As a law school, we treasure the same principles for which Dr. King fought and ultimately died. We will be proud to be so closely associated with his name.”
University of Houston Law Center faculty and staff unanimously approved a resolution in June pledging to dedicate more efforts
for diversity and inclusion, social justice and racial equality. The resolution was drafted in response to the death of George Floyd on May 25, a native of Houston’s Third Ward, and other victims of police brutality.
The resolution by Law Center administrators, employees and professors was joined with statements from the following affiliated groups:
• Asian Law Students Association
• Black Law Student Association
• Corporate and Tax Law Society
• Energy and Environmental Law Society • First-Generation Law Students
• Hispanic Law Student Association
• Houston Business and Tax Law Journal
• Houston Journal of International Law
• Houston Law Review
• OUTLaw
• Public Interest Law Organization
• Student Bar Association
• UHLC Diversity and Inclusion Committee
• University of Houston Law Alumni Association • University of Houston Law Foundation
The resolution read in part:
“The Law Center recognizes and affirms its obligation to fight intolerance, to support diversity and inclusion, and to embrace those from different backgrounds. We condemn racism and discrimination in all forms, will work to serve as anti-racists committed to eradicating the scourge of racism from our nation and community, and will work to identify and challenge systemic prejudice wherever it exists.”

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