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                                             As this issue of Briefcase magazine attests, the Law Center was able to protect its
                                             brand, and had much success in its core mission. We had higher rankings, and
                                             expanded programs; six excellent faculty members were hired in the fields of
                                             Professional Responsibility, Property Law, Energy Law, and Lawyering Skills and
                                             Strategies. The Law Center received national recognition for diversity initiatives,
                                             student excellence, and many other achievements.

                                             This issue also spotlights faculty members, each of whom is making a mark in
                                             the classroom as well as in his or her field of specialization. The Law Center has
                                             traditionally been known for its outreach to the community. Faculty, staff and students
                                             draw upon their legal expertise and training to inform and help the public. Thousands
                                             have learned about their basic legal rights through The People’s Law School; our
                                             clinical program provides pro bono assistance on a wide range of legal matters from
                                             immigration and business transactions to consumer complaints; and symposia,
                                             workshops and presentations have kept citizens and public officials up to date on
                                             critical issues of the day.

                                             This past fall, we broadened our efforts to reach the public by taking to the airwaves.
                                             Through the financial support of Provost Paula Myrick Short, one-minute nuggets of
                                             legal knowledge are broadcast on the University's NPR station, KUHF. Each week’s
                                             segment features a professor or alumnus/na addressing a timely specialized legal issue.
                                             Topics have ranged from civil rights in the age of terrorism and climate engineering to
                                             whether singing “Happy Birthday to you” violates copyright law. These legal segments
                                             are highlighted in this edition of Briefcase, starting on page 10. They showcase the
      Briefly Noted           2              versatility and vitality of the Law Center faculty and alumni.
      Faculty Focus           3
                                             I look back with pride at the great strides the school made in 2016, and you should
      Briefcase Radio        10              too. Please take the time to read through this issue of Briefcase and see all that’s been
                                             happening at your alma mater, and then get involved to make 2017 an even better year.
      New Faces              16
      In Memoriam            18

      Law Alumni
      Association Awards     20
      Dean’s Award           25
      Briefly Noted          26

      Alumni Spotlight       28
      Briefly Noted          31              Leonard M. Baynes
                                             Dean and Professor of Law
      Community Outreach     32
      Briefly Noted          37

      Alumni Event Photos    38
      Briefly Noted          41
      Get Involved          44

      Upcoming Events        45
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