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                                Dean Leonard M. Baynes
                                 In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, Dean Leonard Baynes explained how Presidents and Congress have
                                had a hand in shaping the holiday.
                                 “From its origin as a celebration of the harvest, the United States has had many observances of giving thanks.
                                But Thanksgiving was not permanently made a national holiday until President Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation
                                in 1863. Even though the nation was in the midst of The Civil War, President Lincoln observed that there were
                                many things for which to be thankful.”
                                 “An Act of Congress cemented the official date to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1941. President Franklin Delano
                                Roosevelt signed the resolution moving it to the fourth Thursday in November. Since then the holiday has been a
                                time for family and friends to get together and enjoy themselves with a great meal, to start the holiday shopping
                                season, and to watch football games. While enjoying this holiday, let’s all reflect on its underpinnings and pause to
                                give thanks.”

                                NATIONAL SECURITY AND PERSONAL PRIVACY
                                Assistant Professor Emily Berman
                                 Recent acts of violence have heightened concerns about individuals inspired by extremist ideology.
                                Assistant Professor Emily Berman teaches national security law and realizes there are concerns about the
                                government’s ability to protect Americans from these so-called “lone wolves.”
                                 “Lone wolves are certainly a threat. However, it is impossible to predict whether someone with extremist
                                views will actually turn to violence,” she said. “So it’s important to be careful that the desire for increased security
                                doesn’t cause us to undermine individual rights, like freedom of speech.”
                                 Berman’s work focuses on improving oversight of U.S. surveillance policy. She says it can be difficult to protect
                                against this threat without endangering individual rights.
                                 “Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet,” she said. “But the key is to subject all counterterrorism policies that
                                could affect our individual rights, like surveillance, to active congressional oversight and to demand transparency
                                from government officials.”

                                TEXAS LAWYER
                                Tony Buzbee '97
                                 Trial attorney and UH law alumnus, Tony Buzbee has had a number of defining moments in his legal
                                career. He represented the residents of Texas City and La Marque and won one of the largest jury verdicts
                                against British Petroleum. And he’s represented clients such as former Gov. Rick Perry and musician Jimmy
                                 Buzbee shared one of his secrets to being a successful trial attorney. “In trial, I don’t worry too much about the
                                judge, and I don’t worry too much about the gallery. I certainly don’t worry about the opposing lawyer,” Buzbee
                                said. “What I do worry about is the people I am trying to persuade, and that’s the jury.”
                                 In 2015, Texas Lawyer magazine also named Tony Buzbee Attorney of the Year. “I was truly honored to be
                                chosen. Texas has more than 25,000 lawyers and some of the best legal talent in the United States,” he said. “My
                                work ethic, of course, is to stand for those who are wronged, and I enjoy doing that.”

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