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            MON YIN LUNG                                       SPENCER SIMONS

              After 12 years as associate director of the O’Quinn Law   When Tropical Storm Allison devastated the southeast Texas region
            Library, Mon Yin Lung said the only thing she won’t miss in   in 2001, the University of Houston suffered more than $100 million in
            retirement is the tight deadlines.                 damages. The University of Houston Law Center, particularly the O’Quinn
              “I will miss the people I worked with and worked for,”   Law Library, was one of the hardest-hit parts of campus, and more than
            Lung said. “I loved every part of my job, except handling big   100,000 books were destroyed.
            research programs with a 24-hour deadline that required me   In January 2004, Spencer Simons was hired as director of the library
            to pull an all-nighter.”                           and as an assistant professor at the Law Center. He was presented with the
              The O’Quinn Law Library handles small and large   arduous task of replacing books and restoring the library to prominence.
            research projects for individual faculty members as well as   “It was a very large, multi-year project; it was among the most challenging
            the Law Center administration.                     and rewarding undertakings of my professional life,” Simons said. “The
              While the library acquires and circulates books, Lung said   project drew upon skills developed in my library and pre-library careers:
            it is different from other libraries on campus based on its two   project management, accounting, contracting and negotiation, resource
            missions: It serves as the laboratory where the law students   selection and collection development and, at ground level, the mechanics of
            hone their legal research skills                                                  warehousing, transportation and
            not only for class assignments,                                                   space planning.
            but also for future professional                                                   “I took great satisfaction in
            needs. It also is the research                                                    drawing upon a lifetime of varied
            arm of the Law Center.                                                            work experiences to efficiently and
              As the chief operation officer                                                  economically rebuild a first class
            of the Law Library, Lung was                                                      academic law library collection.”
            in charge of the reference and                                                     After a 13-year stint, Simons
            research operation, circulation                                                   retired from the Law Center
            and the organization of library                                                   at the end of 2016. He said the
            material.                                                                         favorite aspects of his work were
              “It was my duty to see the                                                      creating new services and watching
            two missions of the Law                                                           them enhance the scholarship,
            Library being accomplished by                                                     instruction and service of the
            implementing the directives                                                       Law Center. He also relished the
            and policies of the Law Library                                                   opportunity to work and get to
            Director, Spencer Simons,” she                                                    know world-class faculty and
            said. “I participated in weekly                                                   staff and enjoyed encouraging and
            reference duty in order to gain firsthand knowledge of our   observing the growth of the next generation of law librarians.
            students’ needs, and I served as library liaison to several Law   “My years at the Law Center have been extraordinarily fulfilling,” Simons
            professors for their legal information and research needs.”   said. “I will miss the teaching; helping students learn and grow in the
              Lung said she departs from the Law Center with a sense of   profession is incredibly gratifying.”
            accomplishment because of the library’s transformation.  According to Simons, a law librarian needs a love of learning and the law,
              “I am proud to say that, with the help of support from my   the diligence and knowledge to research thoroughly, an ethic of service and a
            colleagues, I was able to assist Professor Simons to change   willingness to do whatever it takes to do every task as well as possible.
            the Law Library from a warehouse of law books to a legal   His colleagues said he did more than meet those standards.
            research powerhouse. I am also proud of the librarians   “I appreciate so much the service our library provides,” said Professor Seth
            I trained and mentored, as well as some special library   Chandler. “Spencer has been instrumental over his tenure in maintaining
            operations such as 24/7 access for Law Center students.   and improving its capabilities.
            What can be a better job for an argumentative bookworm?”  “Spencer assumed responsibility for the library in extraordinarily difficult
              In retirement, Lung will have a change of scenery, having   times, and conducted himself at all times with consummate good will and
            relocated to Kansas City, Mo., where her husband, Wai-Yim   grace,” added Professor Craig Joyce, Andrews Kurth Professor of Law
            Ching, is the Curators’ Professor of Physics at the University   and co-director of the Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property &
            of Missouri-Kansas City.                           Information Law.
               “This is the first time I am in full control of my time,”   What’s next for the bookish professor? The native of Seattle and former
            Lung said. “I will take advantage of this opportunity to spend   fly fishing instructor has a potential homecoming in store.
            more time with my elderly mother in Canada, read and write   “I expect to retire back to the northwest eventually,” Simons said. “I
            to please myself and participate in some community service.”  particularly look forward to catching up on foregone reading, travel, fishing
                                                               and exploration of new experiences.”

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