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 The University of Houston Law Center honored five of its outstanding
 faculty on Nov. 6 for their “lifetime of service” in teaching thousands
 of students how to be successful lawyers.

 Recognized with a reception at the Crystal Ballroom at the Rice Hotel
 downtown for their combined service to the school of more than 150
 years were Professor Richard M. Alderman, who joined the faculty
 in 1973 and served as associate dean and interim dean; Professor
 Geraldine Szott Moohr, who joined in 1995; Professor Laura E. Oren,
 who joined in 1986; Professor Robert Schuwerk, who joined in 1982;
 and Professor Stephen Zamora, who joined in 1978, who also served
 as dean.

 “These five exemplify ‘The Power of Legal Education’ and all it
 means,” Dean Leonard M. Baynes said, referring to the theme of his
 deanship which underscores how the law school experience and dedicated professors help transform each student by teaching them how to
 think like lawyers and practice at the highest of professional standards.

 Baynes called the honorees “trailblazers in the teaching of law,” outstanding in scholarship, teaching, mentoring, and service to the law.

 The occasion served as a celebration of service, and not a farewell, as the retirees will continue their close association with the Law Center in
 the years to come. Though leaving the classroom, Alderman will continue as director of the Center for Consumer Law, including his popular
 “People’s Law School” program, and Zamora will continue his work as head of the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law.

RICHARD ALDERMAN                                   services office for about a year before earning a     newspapers.
                                                   Master’s of Law degree from the University of             Alderman also began and continues to
    If there is a name that is synonymous with     Virginia Law School.
consumer law, it belongs to Richard Alderman.                                                            conduct “The Peoples’ Law School,” the oldest
                                                       He joined the University of Houston law           and most successful law program for the lay
    Known for years as “The People’s Lawyer,”      school faculty in 1973. He realized that consumer     person in the nation. More than 55,000 people
Alderman has appeared in media outlets,            law was then, and remains to this day, an area of     have attended his “school” since its inception.
including on local and national television and in  the law that was not widely recognized.
his own syndicated newspaper column.                                                                         “It has been a wonderful opportunity to
                                                       “Not many law schools even teach consumer         serve as both an academician in a law school
    Alderman received a B.A. from Tulane           law, and there are very few practitioners of          environment and do all I can to bring attention to
University in 1968 and went on to attend           it,” Alderman said. As a consequence, he said,        the area of consumer law. Without the support of
Syracuse University Law School, where he           consumers who feel their rights have been             the Law Center, I don’t think I could have been as
graduated first in his class. After graduation,    infringed don’t have the same access to good          effective,” he said.
Alderman practiced poverty law in a legal          representation as clients in other areas of the law.
                                                                                                             Alderman has written more than 20 books
                                                       Alderman set out to change that by founding       and numerous articles, appearing in publications
                                                   the Center for Consumer Law, recognized as            in South Korea, Serbia, Japan, Spain, and Mexico.
                                                   a leader in this field. He will remain director       His books on the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices
                                                   following his official retirement from teaching       Act and Consumer Credit and Consumer
                                                   duties at the Law Center.                             Protection are the best-selling in the field.

                                                       As part of his work in consumer law,                  He has received numerous awards, including
                                                   Alderman has given more than 1,000                    a university-wide teaching award and highest
                                                   presentations to community groups and                 honor Silver Gavels from the Texas Bar and has
                                                   associations, and has appeared regularly on           been recognized by the American Bar Association
                                                   Houston television stations, currently KTRK-          for his work in educating the public about
                                                   TV Channel 13, for more than 30 years. Among          the law. In 1999, the mayor and city council
                                                   his countless appearances on radio, television,       of Houston declared October 16 as Richard
                                                   and in newspapers, Alderman was featured on a         Alderman Day in recognition of his contribution
                                                   segment of the Oprah Winfrey show. His weekly         to the city.
                                                   column, “Know Your Rights!,” now appears in 20

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