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Briefly Noted       2   DEAN’S NOTE

Faculty Focus       4   I remain humbled and honored to serve as the ninth dean of the University of Houston Law Center. It has been about
                         eight months since I started my deanship. Time speeds by when you are doing what you enjoy.
Meet the Dean8
                         Over the course of my deanship, I have focused on the “Power of Legal Education” and how the Law Center embodies
Associate Dean      14  that power. We fundamentally transform each student by teaching them how to think like lawyers. Then the students
                         can transform their world in their practices by seeking justice for their clients. The Law Center remains instrumental in
New Faces		 15          empowering generations of law school students in achieving their dreams.

Briefly Noted       17  Things are on the upswing for the Law Center. The Law Center is a top tier institution with nationally ranked programs
                         in Intellectual Property and Health Law, and the part-time program is ranked as well.
Alumni News         20
Law Alumni           21  Our students are our greatest asset. The credentials of the 2014 entering class remain strong despite the national decline
Association Awards      in applications. They had an overall median GPA of 3.47 and median LSAT score of 159. There are 231 students in the
                         2014 entering class, divided among three full-time sections and one part-time section. There are197 students in the full-
Dean’s Award        25  time program and 34 in the part-time. This class is one of the most diverse in our history, with students representing a
                         wide range of backgrounds. The students come from 17 states and 12 countries. They have graduated from 98 different
Alumni Profiles	    26  colleges and universities. They represent 57 majors, everything from Accounting to Zoology. Twenty-six students in the
                         entering class have earned graduate degrees, including one M.D., one Ph.D, two M.P.H.s and four M.B.A.s, plus a slew of
Community Outreach 28   master’s degrees in other subjects as diverse as Accounting to Petroleum Engineering and Theology.

Alumni Event Photos32   Their average age is 25, ranging from 20 to 51. The entering class is almost evenly divided between women and men; it is
                         38 percent minority, and 16.9 percent are non-residents of the State of Texas. They speak 23 languages other than English.
Briefly Noted34         These are the highest percentages of women and minority students in the Law Center’s most recent history.

Get Involved36          Faculty:
                         The faculty is a powerhouse -- highly credentialed and well-published. In addition to having the J.D. degree, the Law
Upcoming Events     37  Center faculty holds 10 LL.M. degrees, seven Ph.Ds, five M.B.A.s, and 13 other master’s degrees in a wide variety of
                         disciplines. The Law Center faculty has held 16 federal circuit court clerkships (including 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th
                         Circuits, and Federal Circuit and U.S. Court of Customs Appeals), eight federal district court clerkships, and clerkships
                         with the Texas Supreme Court, Texas First Court of Appeals, and Harris County 125th (Civil) District Court.

                         Sixteen current Law Center faculty members (as well as several adjunct or emeritus faculty) are members of the
                         prestigious American Law Institute (“ALI”). Only the most recognized and well regarded judges, lawyers, and legal
                         academics are members of the ALI, which is responsible for the Restatements of Law and Model Statutes and
                         Principles of Law.

                         The Law Center has outstanding alumni who have taken the educational opportunity the Law Center provided and run
                         with it. They have succeeded at the top of the profession as partners in prominent law firms and as leaders in the upper
                         echelons of government service, business, the judiciary, public service, and public interest.

                         Over the past few months, I have traveled to Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Washington, D.C., New York City, and the Rio
                         Grande Valley to meet with alumni and other important Law Center constituents. Each of these events has been a great
                         success, and has helped me get the pulse of the alumni. Through these trips and meetings, I have been told by alumni that
                         the Law Center has been instrumental in their formation as lawyers by providing them with a world class education. The
                         alumni are very appreciative of the opportunities this has afforded them.

                         The Future:
                         Despite the downturn in national and regional law school applications and the structural changes in the legal profession, I
                         remain bullish on the future of the Law Center. The Law Center has been blessed by the past stewardship and leadership
                         of former deans Stephen Zamora, Nancy Rapoport, Ray Nimmer, and former Interim Dean Richard Alderman. The
                         Houston legal marketplace remains strong.

                         The national decline in applications provides the Law Center with opportunities. The Law Center will seize these
                         opportunities as it fulfills its mission to train highly skilled professionals ready to succeed in the legal workplace.

                         In this edition of Briefcase, I detail a number of steps already taken to attract and retain the highest quality applicants.
                         Those efforts include an initiative to expand our student pool by reaching out through a Pipeline Program to those who
                         might otherwise not consider a legal education. We are also working to encourage alumni networking to enhance school
                         pride and support, and provide a pathway to career opportunities. Our alumni mentoring initiative is growing; we have
                         expanded our career counseling program; and redoubled efforts to reach out to employers of all kinds, large and small,
                         through job fairs and interview opportunities. Our legal clinics have long been a strong component of a Law Center
                         education, and we plan to broaden those programs to provide our students with additional opportunities to become
                         practice-ready. In that same vein, we also are exploring ways to get students involved in more semester-long externships.

                         Our school remains strong. Our faculty comprises world-renowned scholars who are equally adept in the classroom,
                         admission standards are high, our classes filled with highly qualified, committed students, and our rankings remain top
                         tier. Please take the time to read through Briefcase and catch up with all that’s happening at the Law Center, and then stay
                         in touch so you can be a part of the University of Houston Law Center’s future.

                         Leonard M. Baynes
                         Dean and Professor of Law
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