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FRANKEL LECTURE                                           FOREIGN LL.M.
                                                          The University of Houston Law Center has enrolled the largest class of
The “original meaning” of the Constitution’s equal        foreign-trained LL.M. students in the 31-year history of the advanced
protection clause requires the state to recognize same-   degree program. The Class of 2014 comprises 59 students, including
sex marriage, a Yale Law School professor maintained      two Fulbright Scholars, with law degrees from 25 countries. Almost half
in the Houston Law Review’s 19th annual Frankel           of the students were admitted to the Energy, Environment and Natural
Lecture held in October.                                  Resources program with the remainder selecting one of the other five
                                                          LL.M. specializations: Health Law, Intellectual Property & Information Law,
“Original meaning theories ask what meaning a             International Law, Tax Law, and the Foreign Scholars programs.
constitutional text like the 14th Amendment would
have had to a neutral reader of the English language      TURNER HELPS JAMAICA DRAFT ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAW
at the time of the framing,” said William Eskridge        Professor Ronald Turner is lending his expertise in the areas of civil rights
Jr., John A. Garver Professor of Jurisdiction at Yale     and discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere to a project analyzing
University. Eskridge was the keynote speaker of           proposed anti-discrimination laws in Jamaica, West Indies.
the program titled, “Marriage Equality as a Testing       The overall goal of the worldwide program is to help nations grow and
Ground for Original Meaning.”                             develop the kind of society that improves quality of life for all its citizens.
                                                          Turner and a team of legal experts will review proposed anti-discrimination
One of the two commentators, Nan Hunter, a                legislation to make sure it will benefit those vulnerable to HIV as well as
professor at Georgetown University Law School, said       other key groups such as the disabled, poor, women, and children.
the problem she saw with Eskridge’s original meaning      The research is a project of the International Legal Research Center, a
framework is that the issue of equal marriage before      joint partnership of the American Bar Association and the United Nations
the Supreme Court is fundamentally political.             Development Program.

The real question she said is “whether we can put this
Humpty Dumpty of how to properly interpret equal
protection theory back together again.”

Professor Jane Schacter of Stanford Law School said
the issue needs to be analyzed in context, not looked at
in historical terms, because the concept doesn’t depend
on the original meaning, but on current popular views.

Law Center Associate Professor Aaron Bruhl served
as moderator of the annual program, which is hosted
by the Houston Law Review and underwritten by the
Frankel Family Foundation.

PEOPLE’S LAW SCHOOL                         professor and director of the Center for   such as business law, tax, employment,
                                            Consumer Law at UH Law Center.             health insurance, consumer law, credit and
Hundreds of Houston area residents heard                                               debt collection, and family law.
from judges, volunteer attorneys, and law   Over the years, more than 55,000 people
professors at the People’s Law School held  have attended the program co-sponsored     “Although People’s Law School does not
Oct. 4.                                     by the Center for Consumer Law and the     make someone an attorney, it helps settle
                                            Houston Bar Association. Attendees can     disputes,” Alderman said.
It is the oldest and most successful law    choose from 14 different courses in areas
program for the average person in the
country, said Richard M. Alderman, a

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