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BRIEFCASE                                                                              2015
                                                                                       Volume 33
                                                                                       Number 1

                                                                                       Cover design: Stephen B. Jablonski
                                                                                       Cover photo: Sandy Lankford

Please direct correspondence to:                                 Institutes & Special Programs
	 Carrie Anna Criado
	 Briefcase Editor                                               A.A. White Institute
	 University of Houston                                          Director, Ben Sheppard

	 Law Center                                                     Blakely Advocacy Institute
                                                                 Director, Jim Lawrence ’07
	 100 Law Center
                                                                 Center for Biotechnology & Law
	 Houston, TX 77204-6060                                         Director, Barbara Evans, George Butler Research Professor of Law                                         Center for Children, Law & Policy
                                                                 Director, Ellen Marrus, George Butler Research Professor of Law
	 713.743.2122 (fax)                                             Center for Consumer Law
                                                                 Director, Richard M. Alderman
Writers		             Carrie A. Criado, Kenneth M. Fountain,
                      John T. Kling, Glenda Reyes                Center for U.S. and Mexican Law
			                   Tom DuBrock, Stephen B. Jablonski,         Director, Stephen Zamora
Photographers	        Sandy Lankford
                      Seleste Bautista, Eric Dowding		           Criminal Justice Institute
			                   UH Printing Services                       Director, Sandra Guerra Thompson, Alumnae College Professor of Law
Printing		                                                       Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Center
                                                                 Interim Director, Jacqueline Lang Weaver, A.A. White Professor of Law
UH Law Center Administration
                                                                 Health Law & Policy Institute
Dean and Professor of Law                                        Director, Seth Chandler, Foundation Professor of Law
	 Leonard M. Baynes                                              Co-director, Jessica L. Mantel, Assistant Professor of Law

Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Law                    Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance
	 Marcilynn A. Burke                                             Director, Michael A. Olivas, William B. Bates Distinguished Chair in Law

Director, O’Quinn Law Library and Associate Professor of Law     Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law
	 Spencer L. Simons                                              Co-director, Craig Joyce, Andrews Kurth Professor of Law
                                                                 Co-director, Jacqueline Lipton , Baker Botts Professor of Law (on leave 2014-15)
Associate Dean for Student Affairs                               Co-director, Greg R. Vetter, Law Foundation Professor of Law
	 Sondra Tennessee
                                                                 North American Consortium on Legal Education
Associate Dean of External Affairs                               Director, Stephen Zamora
	 Russ Gibbs
                                                                 Texas Innocence Network
Assistant Dean of External Affairs                               Director, David Dow
	 Kathy Brannon
                                                                 2014-2015 UH Law Alumni Association Board
Assistant Dean for Information Technology
	 J. Scott Smith

Assistant Dean for Admissions
	 Jamie West Dillon ’02

Assistant Dean for Career Development
	 Allison Regan

Director, Business Operations
	 Mybao Nguyen

Executive Director, Communications and Marketing
	 Carrie Anna Criado ’95

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University of Houston                                            Directors             The Hon. Reece Rondon ’95
Law Center                                                       Bradley J. Aiken ’07  Kris L. Thomas ’83
100 Law Center                                                   Brian C. Boyle ’04    Laura Mary Trenaman ’97
Houston, TX 77204-6060                                           Alice A. Brown ’82
713-743-2100                                                     Clayton Forswall ’11  Bill Jackson ’92 | Ex Officio                                                   Laura Gibson ’85
                                                                 Warren W. Harris ’88
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