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CJI FALL LECTURE                                                                    OLIVAS RECEIVES MAYOR’S AWARD

The American bail system is                                                         Professor Michael A. Olivas has been honored
broken said Timothy Murray,                                                         with the Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Award.
a guest speaker at the Criminal
Justice Institute fall lecture held                                                 At ceremonies held in September, Olivas was
in October.                                                                         commended for educating the community and
                                                                                    preserving Hispanic heritage. He is the William
Under the current system, bail is                                                   B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law and
determined by a bond schedule.                                                      director of the Institute of Higher Education
Murray said this typically                                                          Law & Governance at UHLC.
gives those with financial means an advantage in being released, while
disadvantaging the poor.                                                            Two graduates of the University of Houston
                                                                                    Law Center, Council members C.O. Bradford
Murray, director emeritus of the Pretrial Justice Institute, recommended            ’92 and Mike Laster ’88, congratulated Olivas
that bail be determined on the basis of risk assessment and encouraged law          on the award. “He is the authority when it comes
students as they move forward in their careers to consider their role in helping    to immigration laws and citizenship issues,”
to make changes in bail policies.                                                   said Bradford, who was a student in Olivas’
                                                                                    immigration class. “He has spent years as an
CHANDLER TESTIFIES BEFORE CONGRESS                                                  advocate for human rights.”

Professor Seth J. Chandler testified on the Affordable Care Act in June before      The two council members also welcomed the
the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.                        school’s new dean, Leonard M. Baynes, who
                                                                                    attended the presentation.
Chandler discussed two Obama administration decisions in the
implementation of risk corridors that he says push the nation away from
insurer profitability.

Chandler challenged the analysis by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
that concluded risk corridors would net the government $8 billion. In his
testimony, Chandler said in his view it is more likely that over the three years
in which it is projected to be in effect, risk corridors will add significantly to
the cost of Title I of the Affordable Care Act.
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