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It is important for me as dean to
provide value to the alumni. We have to
enhance the alumni networks that facilitate
opportunities for members of our alumni
family to meet classmates but also to get
leads on jobs and business opportunities.

     In the first quarter of 2015, I met with
alumni in Washington, D.C. on January 3,
and met with other alums in the Rio Grande
Valley on January 22, and am planning visits
to Los Angeles and Denver. I also want to
put the alumni in touch with the admitted
students. These connections will help with
recruitment by showing admitted students
that if they come to the Law Center, they
will be part of this larger alumni network.

Legal education and the practice                of high caliber undergraduate students.                   Black Alumni Reception
of law have undergone major                     Second, we are working on establishing a
changes in recent years. How do                 pilot pipeline program with UH undergrads,        long-term economic outcomes over college
you plan to deal with declining                 UT-Rio Grande Valley and other colleges           graduates. A study shows that for most
enrollments, rising costs, and a                and Universities that would help develop          lawyers, “the mean pretax lifetime value of
stagnant job market?                            first-generation college students so that they    a law degree is approximately $1 million.”
                                                will meet our high standards for admissions.      []. In my meetings with Law
     We are taking several short-term           The program will be launched this summer          Center alumni, I have found they recognize
measures that are likely to increase            and is expected to provide students who           this transformative power and the increased
applications and acceptances. First, we are     have completed their sophomore year               economic value in holding a law degree;
working to make scholarship awards earlier      in college with law school classes, legal         they are overwhelmingly grateful for the
in the admissions process to let students       internships, and an intense overview of the       opportunities that the Law Center afforded
know that we really want them when we           LSAT. Lastly, faculty members have spoken         them. I like to tell current and admitted
accept them. This should help us increase       to undergraduate students in an effort to         students that a legal education is like buying
the conversion of admitted students into        stimulate their interest in going to law school.  a home in a very nice neighborhood: The
accepted students. Second, as I mentioned                                                         investment is likely to grow over time, and
above, we are organizing admitted student            All these measures should help buttress      in making a decision on whether to go to
events in the spring in College Station,        us against still rather strong national and       law school, it is important to see the long
Dallas, Austin, and Houston where we            regional headwinds.                               term value of a law degree.
plan to connect the admitted students with
alumni. It is important that the admitted       Why should anyone invest                          Where does the Law Center need
students feel like a part of the larger UHLC    the time and money in a legal                     to be in five years?
alumni family. I have encouraged my team to     education?
think holistically about these events, and we                                                          I envision that the Law Center will
have collectively brainstormed to determine          As I reflect on the “Power of Legal          move steadily into the top ranks of law
how we can get the most bang for everything     Education,” I have come to appreciate             schools. It will improve outcomes for
that we do so that it has a positive impact on  that it is a gift that endures and grows          current students in terms of bar passage
admissions, current students, career services,  more valuable over time. Legal education          and employment at graduation and nine
and ultimately on development.                  literally changed the trajectory of my life.      months thereafter. It will continue to
                                                It provides access to the knowledge and           provide (and increase) value to its alumni. It
     In terms of long term strategies, we       skills necessary to succeed. Legal education      will continue to attract and enroll a diverse
are working on pipeline programs designed       provides its graduates with the skills to         group of well-credentialed students and law
to increase the pool of students with the       find justice for their clients whoever their      faculty who are not only noted scholars but
credentials that we want. First, the law        clients are. Their clients may be women           talented teachers. It will continue to instill
faculty approved a 3+3 program with the         battered by their partner, an immigrant           in its students the value of public service and
Honors College that will allow a select         seeking asylum, a businessman frozen out          remain a forum for discussion of important
number of highly qualified Honors College       by his partners, or a company that seeks          global, national, and local issues. It also will
students to complete their undergraduate        fair treatment in a merger. Moreover, law         continue to find ways to provide value to the
degree and law degree in six years. Our aim     school graduates have significantly increased     burgeoning energy and business community.
is to make it the best 3+3 program in the
country and have almost a captive source
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