Summer Internship - Resources for Possible Accommodations in Mexico City

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Useful Links:
            Guide to Living in Mexico City
            Map of Mexico City’s Metro

The following accommodations are options that are or have been available in Mexico City to former students. 
Before finalizing your plans you should of course double check prices and availability. We would recommend that people checkout the place they are interested in in person, or have somebody check it out before committing to anything if it is not a trusted location such as Casa Gonzales (though some places, such as Hotel Avila) fill up fast and would require reservations well before you get to Mexico.

  • Casa Gonzales, where a former student stayed, cost her about $1000 USD for a month and a half.  It is safe, attractive, and very reasonably priced for extended stays. Includes a continental breakfast of fresh bread, fruit, juice, and coffee/tea/hot chocolate.  It does not have a kitchen.
  • Puerta Alameda,, is the name of the apartment complex where Nancy McEvily, a former SRE intern, stayed.  It is one city block from the Mexican Foreign Ministry SRE (right next to the Sheraton Centro Historico).  It is a relatively new building with 24 hour security and doormen at both entrances.  Nancy reported that it is "extremely safe and really nice," although "definitely a bit more expensive than your typical Mexico City sublease, but well worth it" in her opinion. There is a shopping mall next door called Parque Alameida

    Nancy leased (sublet) from a woman named Estela Flores. Nancy said, "She was a fantastic landlord - she owns a travel company and leases this property as an investment. She recommended several good restaurants, museums and activities. Her email address is:
    "Estela Flores" <>," She believes there are also other people who sublet units at Parque Alameda. Feel free to e-mail Nancy if you have any questions at


The following websites were used by former students to find lodgings during their internships in Mexico City. 

  • is a website with a number of hotels and accommodations that offer a wide variety of locations and prices.
  • Expatriates.Com – Luis Gutierrez, who worked for the SRE, lived in a fully furnished apartment that he found following expatriates website. He had his brother, who was in Mexico City, check it out first to make sure it was ok. 
    Luis's apartment was located just off of Reforma (one of the main roads that is close to the SRE and Pemex) and was just a 15 minute walk to the SRE. The place itself was nothing fancy but he liked it and it was very convenient since all utilities including internet and cable were included in the monthly rent. Rent was like 500 dollars a month so it wasn't too bad. Location was great and he never felt unsafe but he visits Mexico regularly and maybe somebody new to Mexico would be more comfortable living closer to the SRE. Nevertheless, he said it was a pleasant 15 minute walk.

    Liz Cleveland who also worked at SRE the same summer as Luis lived in Polanco and she loved it, but she did say the subway ride was sort of a drag.