Lawyering Skills and Strategies


Advice from Practitioners

From Robert H. Etnyre, Jr.:

The importance of excellent legal writing in the practice of law cannot be overstated. Many cases are won by well organized and well researched pleadings, motions and briefs. This axiom applies to all stages of a case from the filing of the first pleading to the last appellate brief.

Although the truth of this principle is self evident, for reasons unknown to me, many lawyers cannot write properly, and their clients and practices therefore suffer. The lack of good legal writing skills manifests itself very early in a lawyer's career, because a young lawyer typically spends more time drafting pleadings, briefs and motions that more seasoned attorneys. As a result, there is no more important course in law school than legal writing.

If you have any student who can write well, please let me know, as we would like to hire her/him due to the acute shortage of young lawyers with this ability.

Robert H. Etnyre, Jr. graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1978. He has been an associate, partner, and senior partner at the Houston law firm of Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams for the last 25 years, where he has practiced general civil litigation.