Whether you borrow from the University of Houston under the Federal Perkins Program or from the Federal Direct Loan Program, you are responsible for reading and understanding the terms of that loan before signing the promissory note.  It is your responsibility to be aware of your total debt and how it may affect your lifestyle as you repay the money you owe.

The University will identify which Direct loan program(s) you qualify for (subsidized or unsubsidized). You will be notified of your award by email.

All students who participate in the Federal Direct Loan Program and the Federal Grad Plus Loan Program are required to complete an Entrance and Exit Counseling prior to receiving funds and upon graduation as well as sign a Master Promissory Note.  All Direct Loans are disbursed in two installments. A full year loan is disbursed first in the fall term and the second in the spring term. There is a .5% fee charged on the subsidized and unsubsidized loans and 2.5% on the Grad Plus loan. The University does not charge a fee for the Federal Perkins Loan.

Finding yourself in a situation where you cannot repay your student loans(s) may lead to default. To prevent default, contact the Department of Education or student loan-servicing agency if you see you are having problems repaying your loans. If you default on your student loans(s) one or more of the following may occur:

State license may not be renewed

Wages may be garnished or offset

State and Federal Tax refunds may be withheld

Default may be reported to national credit bureaus

The average debt of the 2010 graduating class was $65,802 with 82% of the class using financial aid.

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