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Map Printers on a Pc

Navigate to Start Menu, type \\trabant, and press enter.
Windows Screenshot

Authenticate with your cougarnet username and password

Double Click the desired printer.
Windows Screenshot 2

Choose to Install driver.
Windows Screenshot 3

Confirm the printer has been created under the Devices & Printers option of the Control panel.

You can now go to any of the below student printers to release your print job with your Cougar Card.

Once you leave the wireless network (i.e. leaving campus or restarting your computer), you will have to re-map the printer using the above instructions.

Student Printers

Printer Location
Yellow  Law Library
Green Law Library
Blue  Commons
Red    205 TUII Study Area

* Please note that you will only be able to print to printers that you have specific permissions to print to.