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Outsourcing justice: the rise of modern arbitration laws in America / Imre Stephen Szalai. Carolina Academic Press, 2013.

KF9085.S98 2013


Outsourcing Justice is a critique of the current legal treatment of the Federal Arbitration Act.  Most of this book is an extensive historical study of the development of arbitration law in the United States, and is likely to be both interesting and useful to anyone wishing to understand modern arbitration law.  The author also provides food for thought by making an argument that arbitration law should be reformed so as to be restricted to resolving disputes between businesses, rather than also addressing employment and consumer conflicts as is the case today.







Regulatory competition in contract law and dispute resolution / Horst Eidenmüller, ed. Hart Publishing, 2013.

K3943.R448 2013


Regulatory Competition in Contract Law and Dispute Resolution is a collection of papers and comments written for an international academic conference on contract law and dispute resolution.  These essays address the legal and economic theories behind concepts such as choice of law, the respective merits of litigation and arbitration, intellectual property, bankruptcy, standard form contracts and more.  This collection provides balance by including peer comments written in response to papers presented at the conference itself.


New Titles List

Administrative Law

Mastering statutory interpretation. Second edition / Linda Jellum. Carolina Academic Press, 2013.

KF425.J455 2013

Attorney Communication

The articulate attorney: public speaking for lawyers. Second edition / Brian K. Johnson and Marsha Hunter. Crown King Books, 2013.

K181.J64 2013

The articulate attorney: public speaking for lawyers. Fourth edition / Brian K. Johnson et al. Barron's Educational Series, 2002.

KF285.Z9B63 2002


Understanding bankruptcy. Third edition / Jeff Ferriell, Edward J. Janger. LexisNexis, 2013.

KF1524.F47 2013

The law of bankruptcy. Third edition / Charles Jordan Tabb. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

KF1524.T33 2014

Constitutional Law

Surveillance, counter-terrorism and comparative constitutionalism / Fergal Davis, Nicola McGarrity and George Williams, eds. Routledge, 2014.

K5256.S87 2014


Principles of contract law. Third edition / Robert A. Hillman. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

KF801.H525 2014

Criminal Justice

Presumed dangerous: punishment, responsibility, and preventive detention in American jurisprudence / Michael Louis Corrado. Carolina Academic Press, 2013.

KF9625.C68 2013


The hearsay rule. Third edition / G. Michael Fenner. Carolina Academic Press, 2013.

KF8969.F46 2013

Family Law

Community property in a nutshell. Third edition / Robert L. Mennell, Jo Carrillo. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

KF526.M46 2014

The evolving definition of marriage / Edward Stein. Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, 2012.

KF539.S84 2012

International Criminal Law

International criminal law in a nutshell / David P. Stewart. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

KZ7000.S74 2014

International Finance

Documentary credit world / Institute of International Banking Law & Practice, 1997-


International Litigation

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act deskbook / Ernesto J. Sanchez. American Bar Association, 2013.

KF1309.5.A3281976A2 2013

International Tax

How to prepare for FATCA if you are a nonfinancial U.S. company / Kimberly Tan Majure and Bruce W. Reynolds. Bureau of National Affairs, 2013.

KF6436.M35 2013

International Trade

The NAFTA and other trade agreements sourcebook. Second edition / American Bar Association, 2014.

KDZ944.A35N339 2014

Internet Law

Global Internet law / Michael L. Rustad. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

K564.C6.R87 2014

Law and Social Science

Film as social practice. Fourth edition / Graeme Turner. Routledge, 2006.

PN1995.9.S6T87 2006

Law Office Management

The 2014 solo and small firm legal technology guide: critical decisions made simple / Sharon D. Nelson, John W. Simek and Michael C. Maschke. American Bar Association, 2014.

KF320.A9N45 2014

Legal Education

Is a law degree still worth the price? it depends on what the law school has to offer you / Creola Johnson. Carolina Academic Press, 2014.

KF272.J58 2014

Legal Profession

The marble and the sculptor: from law school to law practice / Keith Lee. American Bar Association, 2013.

KF297.L44 2013

Maritime Law

Maritime law evolving: thirty years at Southampton / Malcolm Clarke, ed. Hart Publishing, 2013.

K1150.A6M37 2013


The middle voice: mediating conflict successfully. Second edition / Joseph B. Stulberg and Lela P. Love. Carolina Academic Press, 2013.

K2390.S78 2013

Military Courts

The military law sourcebook. Second edition / American Bar Association, 2014.

KF7209.M58 2014

Natural Resources Law

Principles of natural resources law / Sandra B. Zellmer and Jan G. Laitos. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

K3585.Z456 2013

Oil and Gas

Special institute on advanced mineral title examination: oil, gas, and mining / Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2014.

KF1819.A2A38 2014


The president as commander in chief: an essay in constitutional vision / H. Jefferson Powell. Carolina Academic Press, 2014.

KF5060.P69 2014

Privacy Law

The information privacy law sourcebook / American Bar Association, 2014.

KF1263.C65A3 2014

Public Health Law

Public health law in a nutshell / James G. Hodge, Jr. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

KF3775.Z9H63 2014

Tax Law

Income tax regulations: including proposed regulations as of November 4, 2013 / United States Internal Revenue Service. CCH Inc., 2013.

KF6357.I53 2013

Taxation of Financial Instruments

IRA guide to IRS compliance issues: including IRA trust violations / Seymour Goldberg. American Bar Association, 2013.

KF6395.R35G645 2013


The fundamentals of counterterrorism law / Lynne Zusman, ed. American Bar Association, 2014.

KZ7220.F86 2014