New Titles List for the Week of June 23, 2008


These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.


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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Chinese Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Computer Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Copyright
  • Criminal Law
  • Death Penalty
  • Election Law
  • Energy Law and Policy
  • Health Law
  • International Relations
  • Law and Religion
  • Partnership Tax
  • Public Law
  • Government Documents

Featured Resource List




M. Roggenkamp [et al.] (eds.)

Energy Law in Europe : National, EU, and International Regulation, 2nd ed.

Oxford University Press, 2007

KJC6848.E54 2007


The energy sector in Europe has changed rapidly over the last few years. The new edition of this book provides an overview of these important developments, covering the most important principles of international law of relevance to the energy sector. It also focuses on the implementation of the significant Energy Directives, and the constitutional and regulatory framework in the key energy-producing jurisdictions in the EU.


Sylvie Langlaude

The Right of the Child to Religious Freedom in International Law

Martinus Nijhoff, 2007

K3258.L36 2007


The child's right to religious freedom in international law has several key issues, including the prevention of indoctrination, religious clothing, the relationship of the child with parents and religious communities, and the duties of the state to the child. In this book, a body of international legal materials is analyzed against a theoretical model of what the child's right ought to be.



New Titles List

Chinese Law


Jianfu Chen Chinese law : context and transformation, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2008


KNQ68.C3638 2008






Civil Rights


Beth Stephens [et al.] International human rights litigation in U.S. courts, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, c2008


KF1309.5.S74 2008






Computer Law


Barry G. Felder, Frederick L. Whitmer, and Jeffrey P. Weingart Information technology litigation : law and analysis, Law Journal Press, c2008-








Constitutional Law


David J. Bederman The classical foundations of the American Constitution : prevailing wisdom, Cambridge University Press, 2008


JK116.B43 2008








Mary LaFrance Copyright law in a nutshell, Thomson/ West, c2008


KF2994.L3 2008






Criminal Law


Jennifer Temkin and Barbara Krahe Sexual assault and the justice gap : a question of attitude, Hart, 2008


KD7976.R3T45 2008






Death Penalty


Howard W. Allen and Jerome M. Clubb with assistance from Vincent A. Lacey Race, class, and the death penalty : capital punishment in American history, State University of New York Press, c2008


KF9227.C2A55 2008






Election Law


Benjamin Griffith (ed.) America votes! : a guide to modern election law and voting rights, American Bar Association, c2008


KF4886.A86 2008






Energy Law and Policy


M. Roggenkamp [et al.] (eds.) Energy law in Europe : national, EU, and international regulation, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 2007


KJC6848.E54 2007






Health Law


Barry D. Alexander, [et al.] Fundamentals of health law, 4th ed., American Health Lawyers Association, 2008


KF3821.F87 2008






International Relations


Michael Grow U.S. presidents and Latin American interventions : pursuing regime change in the Cold War, University Press of Kansas, c2008


JZ1519.G76 2008






Law and Religion


Sylvie Langlaude The right of the child to religious freedom in international law, Martinus Nijhoff, 2007


K3258.L36 2007






Partnership Tax


Richard M. Lipton [et al.] Partnership taxation, 2nd ed., LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2007


KF6452.L498 2007






Public Law


Elisabeth Zoller Introduction to public law : a comparative study, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, c2008


K3171.Z65 2008


New Government Documents List

Glenn Brown's History of the United States Capitol / introduction and annotations by William B. Bushong   prepared by the Architect of the Capitol for the United States Capitol Preservation Commission.


F204.C2B76 2007