New Titles List for the Week of April 21, 2008


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  • Agency
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • British Law
  • Business Organizations
  • Business Transactions
  • Computer Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Financing
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Tax
  • Islamic Law
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Featured Resource List




Niaz A. Shah

Self-Defense in Islamic and International Law: Assessing Al-Qaeda and the Invasion of Iraq

Palgrave MacMillan, 2008

KZ4043.S45 2008


In this book, Shah argues that the concept of self-defense in Islamic and International law is compatible: Al-Qaeda’s declaration of Jihad does not meet the Islamic legal test, and similarly, the invasion of Iraq does not meet the international legal test. Dr Shah examines those causes attributed to Islam and non-Islamic causes of terrorism and argues that the theory of ‘reactive terror’ provides the most plausible explanation for so-called Islamic terrorism.



New Titles List



American Law Institute Restatement of the law, agency : as adopted and promulgated by the American Law Institute at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 17, 2005, American Law Institute, 2006-


KF1341.A5 2006






Appellate Advocacy


Ralph Adam Fine The how-to-win appeal manual : winning appellate advocacy in a nutshell, JurisNet, c2008


KF9050.F56 2008






British Law


Lord Justice Hooper, David Ormerod (general editors) Blackstone's criminal practice, 2008 ed., Oxford University Press, c2007


KD7869.B53 2007






Business Organizations


James A. Fanto Directors' and officers' liability, 2nd ed., Practising Law Institute, c2005-








Business Transactions


Arthur Norman Field, Jeffrey M. Smith Legal opinions in business transactions, 2nd ed., Practising Law Institute, 2006-








Computer Law


Rosemary Jay Data protection : law and practice, 3rd ed., Sweet & Maxwell, 2007


KD1957.C65J39 2007






Criminal Procedure


Richard G. Singer Criminal procedure II : from bail to jail, 2nd ed., Aspen Publishers, c2008


KF9619.3.S56 2008








Clifford E. Kirsch (ed.) Financial product fundamentals : Law-Business Compliance, PLI Press, c1999-








Intellectual Property Law


Shirin Elahi [et al.]. (eds.) Scenarios for the future : how might IP regimes evolve by 2025? What global legitimacy might such regimes have?, European Patent Office, c2007


K1505.S34 2007






International Tax


Boris I. Bittker, Lawrence Lokken Fundamentals of international taxation : U.S. taxation of foreign income and foreign taxpayers, 2007 ed., Warren, Gorham & Lamont, c2007.


KF6419.B495 2007






Islamic Law


Niaz A. Shah Self-defense in Islamic and international law : assessing Al-Qaeda and the invasion of Iraq, Palgrave MacMillan, 2008.


KZ4043.S45 2008






Legal Negotiations


Martin E. Latz [sponsored by ] State Bar of Texas Gain the edge : negotiation strategies for lawyers, Latz Negotiation Institute, c2008.


KF9084.A75L38 2008






Licensing and Technology Transfer


Adam Liberman, Peter Chrocziel, Russell E. Levine (general editors) International licensing and technology transfer : practice and the law, Kluwer Law International, distributed by Aspen Publishers, 2008








New Journal


Saint Louis University journal of health law & policy, Saint Louis University School of Law, c2007-








Public Benefits Law


Joseph L. Matthews, with Dorothy Matthews Berman Social security, medicare & government pensions, 13th ed., Nolo, 2008.


KF3650.M37 2008






War Crimes


Faustin Z. Ntoubandi Amnesty for crimes against humanity under international law, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2007


K5301.N76 2007


New Government Documents List

There are no new government documents this week.