New Titles List for the Week of February 18, 2008


These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.


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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Antitrust
  • Business Organizations
  • Civil Rights
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Family Law
  • Financing
  • First Amendment
  • Health Law
  • International Enforcement of IP
  • International Law
  • International Tax
  • Law and Psychology
  • Legal Profession
  • Legal Reference Work
  • Maritime Law
  • Moot Court
  • Tax Law

Featured Resource List




Janne Nijman and Andre Nollkaemper, Editors

New Perspectives on the Divide Between National and International Law

Oxford University Press, 2007

K302.N49 2007


This book aims to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between the international legal order, and the domestic legal orders of over 190 sovereign states. The traditional understanding is the existence a strict separation between the international legal order and domestic legal orders. Processes of legal globalization and internationalization have made this relationship much more complex. Forced by the pressures of interdependence, states have allowed international bodies to oversee and sometimes even implement and enforce domestic legislation. At the same time, increasing cross-border flows of services, goods and capital, mobility, and communication have further undermined any stable notion of what is national and what is international.


Rebecca S. Busch

Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide

John Wiley & Sons, 2008

KF3608.A4B87 2008

Healthcare Fraud: Auditing and Detection Guide provides tips and techniques to help readers spot the "red flags" of fraudulent activity and reveals the steps to take when fraud is suspected.  The book is structured to identify what is normal in the healthcare continuum on both individual and cumulative scales, and is meant to help sharpen fraud detection skills.  It includes discussion from a number of perspectives—clinical, research, internal audit, investigative, data intelligence, and forensic, cases and methodologies providing actual audit and investigative tools, and outlines of healthcare fraud prevention, detection, and investigation methods.



New Titles List



Jeffrey L. Kessler, Spencer Weber Waller International trade and U.S. antitrust law, Thomson/West, c2006.


KF1649.K47 2006






Business Organizations


Committee on Corporate Laws of the Section of Business Law, adopted by Model business corporation act annotated : model business corporation act with official comment and reporter's annotations, 4th ed., The Section, c2008.


KF1404.52.A74 4th






Civil Rights


Nuala Mole Asylum and the European Convention on Human Rights, 4th ed., Council of Europe Pub., c2007.


KJC979.R43M65 2007








Guantanamo : violation of human rights and international law?, Council Of Europe Pub., c2007.


KZ6495.C68 2007






Criminal Procedure


Wayne R. LaFave, et al. Criminal procedure, 3rd ed., Thomson/West, c2007.


KF9619.L34 2007








Ralph C. Losey e-Discovery : current trends and cases, American Bar Association, c2008.


KF8902.E42L67 2008








ABA standards for criminal justice : DNA evidence, 3rd ed., American Bar Association, 2007.


KF9666.5.A33 2007






Family Law


John F. Nichols, Sr., course director The trial of a family law jury case, State Bar of Texas, c2007.


KFT1294.5.A75T74 2007








Susan A. Berson Modern rules of personal finance for professionals, Amer Bar Association, c2008.


HG179.B47 2008






First Amendment


Alan Dershowitz Finding Jefferson : a lost letter, a remarkable discovery, and the First Amendment in an age of terrorism, John Wiley & Sons, c2008.


KF4772.D47 2008






Health Law


Rebecca S. Busch Healthcare fraud : auditing and detection guide, John Wiley & Sons, c2008.


KF3608.A4B87 2008






International Enforcement of IP


Timothy P. Trainer, Vicki E. Allums Protecting intellectual property rights across borders, 2007 ed., Thomson/West, c2007.


KF2979.T72 2007






International Law


Janne Nijman and Andre Nollkaemper, Editors New perspectives on the divide between national and international law, Oxford University Press, 2007.


K302.N49 2007






International Tax


Kevin Holmes International tax policy and double tax treaties : an introduction to principles and application, IBFD, c2007.


K4475.4.H65 2007






Law and Psychology


Francesco Aquilar, Mauro Galluccio, foreword by Albert Ellis Psychological processes in international negotiations : theoretical and practical perspectives, Springer, c2008.


JZ1253.A68 2008






Legal Profession


American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division The 101 practice series : breaking down the basics, American Bar Association, 2008.


KF297.A76 2008








Kristie A. Wright, course director Success strategies for mid-career lawyers, State Bar of Texas, c2007.


KF297.S92 2007








Ursula Furi-Perry Fifty legal careers for non-lawyers, ABA, c2008.


KF320.L4F87 2007






Legal Reference Work


IFLR 1000 [electronic resource] : the guide to the world's leading financial law firms, Euromoney Legal Media Group, [200-?]










Eric York Drogin, editor Science for lawyers, 1st ed., American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law, c2008.


K487.S3S255 2008






Maritime Law


Maria Gavouneli Functional jurisdiction in the law of the sea, Martinus Nijhoff, c2007.


KZA1450.G38 2007






Moot Court


Moot court casebook, New York University, School of Law, Moot Court Board.








Tax Law


Antti Laukkanen Taxation of investment derivatives, IBFD, c2007.


K4527.L38 2007