New Titles List for the Week of February 11, 2008


These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.


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Featured Resource List




Douglas M. Branson

No Seat at the Table: How Corporate Governance and Law Keep Women Out of the Boardroom. New York University Press, 2007  HD6054.4.U6 B73 2007


Utilizing corporate governance models applied at Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of Title VII discrimination cases, and proxy statements, Douglas M. Branson suggests that women have been ill-advised by experts, who tend to teach females how to act like their male, executive counterparts. Instead, he argues women who aspire to the boardroom should focus on the decision-making processes nominating committees—usually dominated by white men—employ when voting on membership.  Based on empirical evidence, Branson concludes that women have to follow different paths than men in order to gain CEO status, and encourages women to make flexible, conscious, and often frequent shifts in their professional behaviors and work ethics as they climb the corporate ladder.


James T. O’Reilly

Federal Preemption of State and Local Law: Legislation, Regulation, and Litigation. American Bar Association, 2006

KF4600.O74 2006

Preemption is a doctrine of American constitutional law, under which states and local governments are deprived of their power to act in a given area. This book covers not only the basics of preemption but also focuses on such topics as federal mechanisms for agency preemption, implied forms of preemption, and defensive use of federal preemption in civil litigation.



New Titles List



Mark R. Joelson An international antitrust primer : a guide to the operation of United States, European Union, and other key competition laws in the global economy, 3rd ed., Kluwer Law International: Sold and distributed in North, Central and South America by Aspen Publishers, c2006.


KF1649.K54 2006








Maher M. Dabbah Competition law and policy in the Middle East, Cambridge University Press, 2007.


KMC758.D32 2007








William L. Norton, Jr., author and editor-in-chief, William L. Norton, III, author and managing editor Norton bankruptcy law and practice 3d, 3rd ed., Thomson/West, c2008.








Business Law


Gabriele Suder Doing business in Europe, SAGE, 2008.


HF3496.5.S83 2008






Business Organizations


Douglas M. Branson No seat at the table : how corporate governance and law keep women out of the boardroom, New York University Press, c2007.


HD6054.4.U6 B73 2007








Committee on Corporate Laws Corporate director's guidebook, 5th ed., American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, c2007.


KF1423.C66 2007






Chinese Law


Sarah Biddulph Legal reform and administrative detention powers in China, Cambridge University Press, c2007.


KNN30.B53 2007








Seung Chong The law and practice of mergers and acquisitions in the People's Republic of China, Oxford University Press, 2007.


KNQ3224.C56 2007






Civil Rights


Wolfgang Benedek, Koen De Feyter, Fabrizio Marrella, Editors Economic globalisation and human rights, Cambridge University Press, 2007.


JC571.E345 2007








Jeffrey J. Haas, Steven R. Howard Investment adviser regulation in a nutshell, Thomson West, c2008.


KF1072.H33 2008






International Environmental Law


Eberhard Bohne The quest for environmental regulatory integration in the European Union : integrated pollution prevention and control, environmental impact assessment and major accident prevention, Kluwer Law International, 2006.


KJE6245.B64 2006






Labor Law


Douglas L. Leslie Labor law in a nutshell, 5th ed., Thomson/ West, 2008.


KF3369.3.L39 2008






Legal Education


Deborah A. Suto, Lynne L. Norton, Lynda M. Reese Analysis of differential prediction of law school performance by gender subgroups : based on the 2002-2004 entering law school classes, Law School Admission Council, c2007.


KF285.G46 2007






Legal Reference Work


Gregory H. Siskind, Deborah McMurray, Rick Klau The lawyer's guide to marketing on the Internet, 3rd ed., American Bar Association, c2007.


KF316.5.S57 2007








George C. Cunningham, John C. Montana The lawyer's guide to records management and retention, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, c2006.


KF320.R42C86 2006






Legal Writing


Deborah E. Bouchoux The Aspen handbook for legal writers : a practical reference, Aspen Publishers, c2005.


KF250.B68 2005








James T. O'Reill Federal preemption of state and local law : legislation, regulation, and litigation, Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, American Bar Association, c2006


KF4600.O74 2006






New Journal


International journal of constitutional law, Oxford University Press: Mercury International [distributor], c2003-








Trademark and Unfair Competition


Loke-Khoon Tan Pirates in the middle kingdom : the enusing trademark battle, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2007.


KNQ1220.K46 2007