New Titles List for the Week of January 15, 2007


New Titles List for the Week of January 15, 2007


These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.


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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Administrative Law
  • Banking
  • Child Custody and Support
  • Civil Rights
  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal Justice
  • Discrimination Law
  • Due Process
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • European Law
  • European Union Law
  • Food and Drug Law
  • Foreign Affairs and the Constitution
  • Gambling Law and Policy
  • Great Britain
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property Law


  • International Criminal Law
  • International Organizations
  • International Trade
  • Internet Law
  • Islamic Law
  • Local Governments
  • National Security
  • Native Americans
  • Oil and Gas
  • Prison Law
  • Property
  • Public Benefits Law
  • Southeast Asia
  • Tax Law
  • Taxation of Sales and Exchanges
  • Transportation
  • Trusts and Wills
  • World Politics


Featured Resource List



Jordan J. Paust ... [et al.]  International criminal law : cases and materials.  3rd ed.  Carolina Academic Press, c2007.


K5000.I58 2007


Jordan J. Paust, Professor of Law at the University of Houston Law Center, coauthors the third edition of International Criminal Law. The cases and materials in this book cover subjects including the general nature of international criminal law, the competencies of states to enforce, war crimes, and international tribunals. Other subjects include responsibility of individuals and nations, genocide, human rights, terrorism, offenses against peace, crimes against humanity, incorporation, and extradition. This edition has been updated to reflect international tribunals regarding the atrocities of Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.



James A. Kushner

Comparative Urban Planning

Carolina Academic Press, 2003


KF5692.K87 2003


Comparative Urban Planning describes and compares America’s approach to meeting important urban challenges with the solutions used by other nations. James A. Kushner covers a range of topics pertaining to urban planning including zoning, urban revitalization, “smart growth” management systems, economic development, transportation, housing, land use controls, and land development laws. This book is designed for the professional as well as the beginner.



New Titles List


Administrative Law


Georg von Wangenheim.  Games and public administration : the law and economics of regulation and licensing.  Edward Elgar, c2004.


HD3612.W365 2004








 Andrew Campbell, Peter Cartwright.  Banks in crisis : the legal response.  Ashgate, c2002.


KD1715.C36 2002






Child Custody and Support


Nick Wikeley.  Child support : law and policy.  Hart, c2006.


KD780.W55 2006






Civil Rights


Julie A. Mertus.  Bait and switch : human rights and U.S. foreign policy.  Routledge, c2004.


JC571 .M444 2004






Commercial Law


Robert W. McGee, Galina G. Preobragenskaya.  Accounting and financial system reform in a transition economy : a case study of Russia.  Springer, c2005.


HF5616.R9M4 2005








Roger L. Conkling.  Marginal cost in the new economy : a proposal for a uniform approach to policy evaluations.  M.E. Sharpe, c2004.


HF5686.C8C6732 2004






Criminal Justice


Hard lessons : reflections on governance and crime control in late modernity / edited by Richard Hil and Gordon Tait.  Ashgate, c2004.


HV7431 .H376 2004






Discrimination Law


Carol Morgan Collins.  Equal educational opportunity for all children : a research guide to discrimination in education (1950-2005).  2nd ed.  W.S. Hein, c2006.


KF240.L43 v.49






Due Process


Abuse of procedural rights : comparative standards of procedural fairness, 27-30 October 1998, Tulane Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana. Portuguese; Abuso dos direitos processuais / coordenador,  Jose Carlos Barbosa Moreira   Francisco Ramos Mendez ... [et al.].  1. ed.  Forense, 2000.


K2100.A6I58 1998






Environmental Law and Policy


Ellen Omohundro.  Living in a contaminated world : community structures, environmental risks, and decision frameworks.  Ashgate, c2004.


GE170.O46 2004








Tim Hayward.  Constitutional environmental rights.  Oxford University Press, c2005.


GE220 .H39 2005








Analysing strategic environmental assessment : towards better decision-making / edited by Pietro Caratti, Holger Dalkmann, Rodrigo Jiliberto.  Edward Elgar, c2004.


TD194.6 .A53 2004






European Law


Democracy, law, and security : internal security services in contemporary Europe / edited by Jean-Paul Brodeur, Peter Gill, Dennis Tollborg.  Ashgate, c2003.


HV8194.A2D44 2003






European Union Law


The area of freedom, security, and justice in the enlarged Europe / edited by Karen Henderson.  Palgrave Macmillan, c2005. 


HV8194.A2 A74 2005






Food and Drug Law


Handbook of drug abuse prevention : theory, science, and practice / edited by Zili Sloboda and William J. Bukoski.  Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2003.


HV5801.H282 2003








Caribbean drugs : from criminalization to harm reduction / edited by Axel Klein, Marcus Day and Anthony Harriot.  Zed Books in assocation with Drugscope; Distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Ian Randle, c2004.


HV5840.C37 C37 2004








 Florence R. Parker.  FDA administrative enforcement manual.  Taylor & Francis, c2005


KF3885 .P37 2005






Foreign Affairs and the Constitution


Locating the proper authorities : the interaction of domestic and international institutions / Daniel W. Drezner, editor.  The University of Michigan Press, c2003.


JZ43 .L63 2003






Gambling Law and Policy


Patrick A. Pierce, Donald E. Miller.  Gambling politics : state government and the business of betting.  Lynne Rienner Publishers, c2004.


HV6715 .P54 2004






Great Britain


R.M. Douglas.  The Labour Party, nationalism and internationalism, 1939-1951.  Routledge, c2004.


DA566.7.D674 2004








William D. Rubinstein.  Twentieth-century Britain : a political history.  Palgrave Macmillan, c2003.


DA566.7 .R83 2003






Immigration Law


Aristide R. Zolberg.  A nation by design : immigration policy in the fashioning of AmericaHarvard University Press, 2006.


JV6483.Z65 2006








Matthew J. Gibney.  The ethics and politics of asylum : liberal democracy and the response to refugees.  Cambridge University Press, c2004.


K3230.R45G53 2004






Intellectual Property Law


Intellectual property and entrepreneurship / edited by Gary D. Libecap.  Elsevier, 2004.


HB615 .I5745 2004






International Criminal Law


Jordan J. Paust ... [et al.]  International criminal law : cases and materials.  3rd ed.  Carolina Academic Press, c2007.


K5000.I58 2007






International Organizations


Shaun Narine.  Explaining ASEAN : regionalism in Southeast Asia.  Lynne Rienner Publishers, c2002.


DS520.A873N37 2002








Arturo Zarate-Ruiz.  A rhetorical analysis of the NAFTA debate.  University Press of America, c2000.  


KDZ945.Z37 2000






International Trade


Trade policy and economic integration in the Middle East and North Africa : economic boundaries in flux / edited by Hassan Hakimian and Jeffrey B. Nugent.  RoutledgeCurzon, 2004.


HF1583.3.E96 2001








William J. Ashworth.  Customs and excise : trade, production, and consumption in England, 1640-1845.  Oxford University Press, c2003.


HF2044 .A849 2003








Yul Sohn.  Japanese industrial governance : protectionism and the licensing state.  RoutledgeCurzon, c2005.


HF3826.5 .S64 2005








Maurice Mullard.  The politics of globalisation and polarisation.  Edward Elgar Pub, c2004.


JZ1318 .M83 2004








Todd Alan Good.  The free trade area and the construction of Great Britain's European policy, 1952-1958 : a missed opportunity?  E. Mellen Press, c2003.


KD2460.G66 2003






Internet Law


Rolf H. Weber.  Regulatory models for the online world.  Kluwer Law International, c2002


K564.C6W43 2002






Islamic Law


Mahmoud A. El-Gamal.  Islamic finance : law, economics, and practiceCambridge University Press, 2006.


KBP940.E45 2006






Local Governments


Cities and society / edited by Nancy Kleniewski.  Blackwell Pub., c2005.


HT108 .C523 2005








Calabi, Donatella.  Mercato e la citta. English.; The market and the city : square,  street and architecture in early modern Europe / translated by Marlene Klein.  Ashgate, c2004.


HT169 .E8 2004








 Richardson Dilworth.  The urban origins of suburban autonomyHarvard University Press, 2005.


HT334.U5D55 2005








Empowering squatter citizen : local government, civil society, and urban poverty reduction / edited by Diana Mitlin and David Satterthwaite.  Earthscan, c2004.


HV4173.E46 2004








James A. Kushner.  Comparative urban planning law : an introduction to urban land development law in the United States through the lens of comparing the experience of other nations.  Carolina Academic Press, c2003.








National Security


Bombs and bandwidth : the emerging relationship between information technology and security / Robert Latham, editor.  New York : New Press, c2003.


UA23 .B6 2003






Native Americans


Jeffrey S. Ashley and Secody J. Hubbard.  Negotiated sovereignty : working to improve tribal-state relations.  Praeger, c2004


E93.A85 2004






Oil and Gas


Zhiguo Gao.  Environmental regulation of the O&G industry.  Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, c1997.


K3585.6.G36 1997






Prison Law


Carlos Aguirre.  The criminals of Lima and their worlds : the prison experience, 1850-1935.  Duke University Press, c2005.


HV9625.L5 A35 2005








The economic importance of intangible assets / edited by Patrizio Bianchi and Sandrine Labory.  Ashgate, c2004.


HF5681.I55 E26 2004






Public Benefits Law


Carey, Corinne A.  No second chance : people with criminal records denied access to public housing.  Human Rights Watch, c2004.


HD7288.85.U6 C366 2004








The New Deal and beyond : social welfare in the South since 1930 / edited by Elna C. Green.  University of Georgia Press, c2003. 


HV98.S9 N48 2003








Mary Daly and Katherine Rake.  Gender and the welfare state : care, work and welfare in Europe and the USA.  Polity Press, in association with Blackwell Pub., c2003.


HV697 .D335 2003






Southeast Asia


Nicholas Tarling.  Nationalism in Southeast Asia : 'if the people are with us'.  RoutledgeCurzon, c2004.


DS526.6.T37 2004






Tax Law


Daniel J. Schwartz.  Employee benefits for tax-exempt organizations.   Tax Management, c2006-










Anjanette T. Frias.  Dividends--cash and property / a revision by Anjanette T. Frias of an earlier version by  George L. White.  Tax Management Inc., c2006-










Alan S. Acker.  Estate and trust administration : tax planning.  Tax Management, c2006-








Taxation of Sales and Exchanges


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  Taxation and electronic commerce : implementing the Ottawa taxation framework conditions.  C2001


K4487.E43 T39 2001








Barriers to sustainable transport : institutions, regulation and sustainability / edited by Piet Rietveld and Roger R. Stough.  Spon Press, c2005.


HE147.65.B368 2005








Road pricing : theory and evidence / edited by Georgina Santos.  1st ed.  Elsevier JAI, 2004.


HE336.C66R63 2004






Trusts and Wills


Richard M Horwood;  Lauren J Wolven.  Managing litigation risks of fiduciaries.  Tax Management, c2006-








World Politics


Walter Leimgruber.  Between global and local : marginality and marginal regions in the context of globalization and deregulation.  Ashgate, c2004.


HT388.L45 2004