O'Quinn Law Library Newsletter August 2006  P. 4
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Library Faculty and Staff

Name Email Room Phone
Spencer Simons, Director of O'Quinn Law Library and Assistant Professor of Law ssimons@central.uh.edu LL 7 713.743.5896
Mon Yin Lung, Associate Director mlung@central.uh.edu LL 9 713.743.2307
Lorna Marsh, Administrative Coordinator lmarsh@central.uh.edu LL 1A 713.743.2331
David Lee, Management Information Coordinator dlee@central.uh.edu LL 1B 713.743.2316
Peter J. Egler, Head of Reference pegler@central.uh.edu LL 14 713.743.2318
Helen E. Boyce, Head of Document Services hboyce@central.uh.edu LL 18 713.743.2286
Christopher C. Dykes, Reference Librarian cdykes@central.uh.edu LL 16 713.743.2306
Chenglin Liu, Foreign/International Librarian cliu@central.uh.edu LL 12 713.743.2523
Heather A. Phillips, Reference/Electronic Services Librarian haphilli@central.uh.edu LL 10 713.743.2324
Harriet Richman, Special Projects Librarian hrichman@central.uh.edu LL 20 713.743.2305
Suzanne Gordon-Martin, Head of Circulation sgmartin@central.uh.edu LL 6 713.743.1099
Nicole Brothers, Evening Circulation Supervisor nbrother@central.uh.edu LL 4 713.743.2308
Marek Waterstone, Head of Technical Services & Acquisitions Librarian laacq@central.uh.edu LL 100B 713.743.2335
Virginia Davis, Coordinator of Government Documents vdavis@central.uh.edu LL 112 713.743.2310
Yuxin Li, Coordinator of Cataloging and Serials Management yli@central.uh.edu LL 114 713.743.2330
Julie Chan, Senior Library Specialist for Acquisitions jchan@central.uh.edu LL 100 713.743.2321
April DeRome, Cataloging/Processing aderome@central.uh.edu LL 100 713.743.2427
Kelly Nguyen, Acquisitions kcnguyen@central.uh.edu LL 100 713.743.2315
Mai Nguyen, Senior Library Assistant for Cataloging/Serials/Bindery mainguyen@central.uh.edu LL 100 713.743.2317
Margaret J. Solomon-Bird, Library Assistant for Acquisitions/Serials msbird@central.uh.edu LL 100 713.743.2335

Library Hours

  Weekdays Weekdays Saturdays Saturdays Sundays Sundays
  Library Reference Library  Reference Library Reference
Fall/Spring 7:30am-midnight 8am-8pm
(Fri 8am-5pm)
9am-7pm 9am-5pm 9am-11pm Noon-8pm