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Still More Legal Fun With ‘60’s Music: Judge Young & the Turtles - Happy Together
Harriet Richman, Special Projects Librarian

How can you not love Judge William G. Young, chief judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts? Confronted with a motion for new trial based in part on his allegedly erroneous jury instructions, he stated candidly: “[D]espite case-specific guidance from the court of appeals, I botched the instructions to the jury.”

Even better, Judge Young began his opinion in Suboh v. Borgioli, Case No. 00-10396-WGY (D. Mass. Jan. 4, 2004) by setting forth the lyrics to “a derisive ditty going around the courthouse” set to the music of “Happy Together” by the Turtles. The original version of “Happy Together,” penned by Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon, reached number one on the Billboard charts the week of March 25, 1967. I'm not sure this rewritten version, poking fun at the high-mindedness of federal judges, is going quite that far, but it's still fun. Here’s a taste of the song as set forth in Judge Young’s opinion:

Appointed Forever, Bar & Grill Singers

Imagine me as God. I do.
I think about it day and night.
It feels so right
To be a federal district judge and know that I’m
Appointed forever.


I’m a federal judge
And I’m smarter than you
For all my life.
I can do whatever I want to do
For all my life.

Who are the Bar & Grill singers? They are twelve lawyers from Austin.

Law Center Crossword

Heather A. Phillips, Reference & Electronic Services Librarian
crossword puzzle
Welcome back to school! In honor of the new school year, this crossword puzzle’s theme centers on the Law Center. If you get stuck, all of the answers can be found by searching the Law Center’s website.
Across Down
2 This professor holds the Larry & Joanne Doherty Chair in Legal Ethics 1 The Blakely Advocacy Institute was named for this former professor & dean
3 The law center's weekly electronic summary of news & events 4 This professor holds the A.L. O'Quinn Chair in Environmental Law
8 The law center's Interim Dean 5 Big Al's full name
10 The building that houses the law library 6 The Assistant Dean of Career Development
11 The Associate Dean for Student Affairs 7 Merle Morris & ___ ___ are Co-Directors of the Legal Research & Writing Program
    9 The birds in the Lex Shield
Solutioncrossword puzzle solution