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From the Reference Desk by Peter Egler, Head of Reference

Reference librarians are available at the library’s Reference Desk every day of the week (please visit for complete Reference Desk hours.). The librarians can assist Law Center students and other patrons in various ways:

• If you are a first year student, the librarians can help you locate the hornbook, nutshell, or other study guide for your classes.
• If you are writing a paper, the librarians can help research your topic.
• If you are searching for an article for your journal, the librarian can help you decipher the citation and locate the resource.
• If you are looking for the forms to file a civil action or file an appeal, the librarian can help you locate useful practice guides.
• If you are are engaged in a challenging project, we can advice you on research strategies.

The reference librarians also proide a full array of research support services to the Law Center faculty members.

In short, the reference librarians can help patrons access the print and electronic information available in the library’s collection. We can also help patrons accessing information available at other libraries and on the internet. Please stop by the Reference Desk and talk with one of our librarians if you need help with any legal research issues.

Interlibrary Loan and Paging by Helen Boyce, Head of Document Services

Although libraries strive to build collections that serve the needs of their patrons, it is not possible for any library to own every item that may be needed by their patrons. As a result, libraries have developed systems of sharing to augment their collections and provide better research services. The O’Quinn Law Library is a full and active participant in the interlibrary sharing systems that allow access to the collections of other libraries within the United States and throughout the world. Interlibrary borrowing is a free service for all UHLC students, faculty, and staff that secures loans or photocopies from materials not owned by our library. Information about O’Quinn Law Library Interlibrary Loan services and templates for submitting online requests are available at :

The University of Houston Libraries paging system allows UH Law Center patrons to request circulating materials from other UH library branches. Paged items are delivered by courier to the Law Library and they arrive at the law library within 2-4 days. Participating branches are the M.D. Anderson (Main)Library and the Optometry, Art and Architecture, Pharmacy libraries, UH Downtown and UH Clearlake Libraries. To page an item, locate the appropriate record in the UH online catalog. At the top of the record is a blue button labeled “request”. Click the request button to be connected to the paging instructions and procedures component of the online system. Follow the directions and supply all required information. It is necessary to provide the barcode number from your CougarOne card and also to select the Law Library as the delivery location for requested items. An email notification is generated by the system when materials have arrived at the law library and are ready to be picked up. All paged items are held in the law library holdbox at the Circulation Desk for four days after notification has been sent.