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U.S. military operations: law, policy, and practice. Geoffrey S. Corn, Rachel E. VanLandingham, and Shane R. Reeves, eds. Oxford University Press, 2016.

KF7209.U17 2016


This book provides a comprehensive analysis of legal issues surrounding United States military operations, including rules of engagement, the international law of armed conflict, intelligence law, detention operations, military justice, and weapons of mass destruction.






Daniel Beland, Philip Rocco, and Alex Waddan. Obamacare wars: federalism, state politics, and the Affordable Care Act. University Press of Kansas, 2016.

KF3605.B45 2016


The authors examine the numerous legal battles over the Affordable Care Act, as well as the broader implications for the relationship between states and the federal government.




New Titles List

Asylum Law

Essentials of asylum law. Third edition. Immigrant Legal Resource Center, 2015.

KF4836.E88 2015

Business Organizations

Michael A. Chasalow. Acing business associations: a checklist approach to business associations. Second edition. West Academic Publishing, 2016.

KF1414.85.C48 2016

Children's Rights

Melissa Moschella. To whom do children belong? Parental rights, civic education, and children's autonomy. Cambridge University Press, 2016.

KF540.M67 2016

Constitutional Law

Ronald D. Rotunda and John E. Nowak. Principles of constitutional law. Fifth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2016.

KF4550.Z9N69 2016

Constitutionalism, executive power, and the spirit of moderation: essays in honor of Murray P. Dry. Giorgi Areshidze, Paul O. Carrese, and Suzanna Sherry, eds. State University of New York Press, 2016.

KF4541.C66 2016


Chitty on contracts. 32nd edition. Hugh Beale, ed. Sweet & Maxwell, 2015.

KD1554.C35 2015

Corporate Tax

Leandra Lederman and Michelle Kwon. Understanding corporate taxation. Third edition. Carolina Academic Press, 2016.

KF6464.L426 2016

Valeria Williams. Tax-free corporate spin-offs: a look beyond the fallacies of complex transactions to discover the evolution of a hidden gem. (Law Library Thesis Collection.)

Thesis 340 2016.W55

Criminal Justice

The Oxford handbook of the history of crime and criminal justice. Paul Knepper and Anja Johansen, eds. Oxford University Press, 2016.

K5001.O94 2016

Criminal Procedure

Michael C. Gizzi and R. Craig Curtis. The Fourth Amendment in flux: the Roberts court, crime control, and digital privacy. University Press of Kansas, 2016.

KF9630.G59 2016

Death Penalty

Race and the death penalty: the legacy of McCleskey v. Kemp. David P. Keys and R.J. Maratea, eds. Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2016.

KF9227.C2R33 2016

Employment Law

The employment law sourcebook. 2015 edition. Eleanor L. Grossman and Robert B. McKinney, eds. American Bar Association, 2016.

KF3306.E47 2015

Environmental Law and Policy

The environmental law sourcebook. 2015 edition. Eleanor L. Grossman and Robert B. McKinney, eds. American Bar Association, 2016.

KF3775.A34 2015

Health Law

Mark L. Flear. Governing public health: EU law, regulation and biopolitics. Hart Publishing, 2015.

KJE6206.F54 2015

Immigration Law

Marta Caminero-Santangelo. Documenting the undocumented: Latino/a narratives and social justice in the era of Operation Gatekeeper. University Press of Florida, 2016.

KF4800.C35 2016

Martha D. Escobar. Captivity beyond prisons: criminalization experiences of Latina (im)migrants. University of Texas Press, 2016.

KF4819.E73 2016

Labor Law

The labor law sourcebook. 2015 edition. Anne E. Melley and Robert B. McKinney, eds. American Bar Association, 2016.

KF3356 2015

Law and Politics

Christopher H. Achen and Larry M. Bartels. Democracy for realists: why elections do not produce responsive government. Princeton University Press, 2016.

JF1001.A34 2016

Lawyering Skills and Strategies

Deborah E. Bouchoux. Cite-checker: your guide to using The Bluebook. Fourth edition. Wolters Kluwer, 2016.

KF245.B68 2016

Lief H. Carter and Thomas F. Burke. Reason in law. Ninth edition. The University of Chicago Press, 2016.

KF380.C325 2016


The Social Security Act sourcebook. 2015 edition. Amy G. Gore and Robert B. McKinney, eds. American Bar Association, 2016.

KF3644.581935.A2 2015

Maritime Law

Marsden and Gault on collisions at sea. 14th edition. Simon Gault, Steven Hazelwood, Andrew Tettenborn, Edward Cole, and Thomas Macey-Dare, eds. Sweet & Maxwell, 2016.

KD1825.M37 2016


Brendon Ishikawa and Dana Curtis. Appellate mediation: a guidebook for attorneys and mediators. American Bar Association, 2016.

KF9050.I827 2016

Mining and Mineral Law

Human rights law and the extractive industries. David L. Deisley, program chair. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2016.

K3904.H86 2016

Personal and Professional Ethics

Monroe H. Freedman and Abbe Smith. Understanding lawyers' ethics. Fifth edition. Carolina Academic Press, 2016.

KF306.F76 2016

Sports Law

Sarah K. Fields. Game faces: sport celebrity and the laws of reputation. University of Illinois Press, 2016.

KF1262.F54 2016

Supreme Courts

Robert G. McCloskey. The American Supreme Court. Sixth edition. Revised by Sanford Levinson. The University of Chicago Press, 2016.

KF8742.M296 2016


Ruwantissa Abeyratne. Competition and investment in air transport: legal and economic issues. Springer, 2016.

K4095.A226 2016

Trial Advocacy

Paul Mark Sandler and James K. Archibald. Model witness examinations. Fourth edition. American Bar Association, 2016.

KF8950.S236 2016

Women and the Law

Joanna L. Grossman. Nine to five: how gender, sex, and sexuality continue to define the American workplace. Cambridge University Press, 2016.

KF3467.G76 2016