New Titles List for the Week of October 11, 2015


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David Crump. How to reason: a multidisciplinary thinker's toolkit. Quid Pro Books, 2014.

KF380.C78 2014


Professor Crump’s “thinker’s toolkit” is a lively, illuminating guide to logical thought and clear reasoning, with  a wide range of reference that takes in everything from Kant’s categorical imperative to the fallacy of Bertrand Russell’s chicken. Each section contains examples and problems that will help the reader apply the principles to real-word situations.





Susan J. Terrio. Whose child am I? Unaccompanied, undocumented children in U.S. immigration custody. University of California Press, 2015.

KF4842.T47 2015


This book examines the detention system for undocumented children in the United States, focusing primarily on the stories of six youths who came to the U.S. unaccompanied from Mexico and Central America in order to escape danger and deprivation at home.

New Titles List

Comparative Law

An inquiry into the existence of global values: through the lens of comparative constitutional law. Dennis Davis, Alan Richter, and Cheryl Saunders, ed. Hart Publishing, 2015.

K3165.I57 2015

Constitutional Law

John R. Vile. A companion to the United States Constitution and its amendments. Sixth edition. Praeger, 2015.

KF4550.V55 2015

Consumer Law

Dean Allen Kackley. ABA consumer guide to mortgage modification: how to lower your mortgage payments with the Home Affordable Modification Program. American Bar Association, 2014.

KF697.M63K33 2014

Dean Allen Kackley. ABA consumer guide to short sales: a practical resource for buyers and sellers. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF697.S56K33 2015

Cecil C. Kuhne III. Cancelled, delayed, grounded: law for the frustrated air traveler. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF2441.K84 2015

Hispanic Americans

Henry Flores. Latinos and the Voting Rights Act: the search for racial purpose. Lexington Books, 2015.

KFT1620.85.A6F56 2015

International Criminal Law

Cynthia Chamberlain. Children and the International Criminal Court: analysis of the Rome Statute through a children's rights perspective. Intersentia, 2015.

KZ7230.C436 2015

Law and Psychology

Free will and the brain: neuroscientific, philosophical, and legal perspectives. Walter Glannon, ed. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

K212.F74 2015

Lawyering Skills and Strategies

Alan L. Dworsky. User's guide to the Bluebook. Revised for the 20th edition. William S. Hein & Co., 2015.

KF245.D853 2015

Legal Profession

The relevant lawyer: reimagining the future of the legal profession. Paul A. Haskins, ed. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF297.R45 2015

Products Liability

Tim Kaye. Products liability law. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF1296.K388 2015

Trial Advocacy

Eric Oliver. Facts still can't speak for themselves: reveal the stories that give facts their meaning. Second edition. National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

K181.O43 2015