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List of Subjects

Featured Resource List



Children, sexuality, and the law. Sacha M. Coupet and Ellen Marrus, eds. New York University Press, 2015.

KF479.C465 2015


This anthology, co-edited by Professor Marrus, examines the law’s treatment of children and sexuality in terms of agency and rights. Topics covered include sex education, juvenile “sexting” prosecutions, the rights of transgender youth, and sexual imagery in the media.





Federal legal research. Second edition. Mary Garvey Algero, Spencer L. Simons, Suzanne E. Rowe, Scott Childs, and Sarah E. Ricks. Carolina Academic Press, 2015.

KF240.F48 2015


This process-oriented guide provides accessible explanations of primary federal authorities, as well as secondary sources, citators, bill tracking, legislative history, legal ethics, and court rules. Cowritten by Professor Simons, the book is now in its second edition and has been updated to reflect current developments in legal research. 


New Titles List


Niamh Dunne. Competition law and economic regulation: making and managing markets. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

K3850.D86 2015


Medical biotechnology: premarket and postmarket regulation. Erika Lietzan, ed. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF1893.B56M436 2015

Criminal Justice

Dirty assets: emerging issues in the regulation of criminal and terrorist assets. Colin King and Clive Walker, eds. Ashgate, 2014.

K5223.D57 2014


Janet S. Kole. Avoiding bad depositions: a simple guide to complex issues. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF8900.K64 2015

Entertainment Law

Jeff B. Cohen. The dealmaker's ten commandments: ten essential tools for business forged in the trenches of Hollywood. American Bar Association, 2015.

HD58.6.C625 2015

Environmental Law and Policy

International environmental law: the practitioner's guide to the laws of the planet. Roger R. Martella Jr. and J. Brett Grosko, eds. American Bar Association.

K3585.I579 2014

Jacqueline Peel and Hari M. Osofsky. Climate change litigation: regulatory pathways to cleaner energy. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

K3585.P44 2015

Fraud and Abuse

National False Claims Act and qui tam trial institute. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF849.A2N38 2015

Health Law

Pamela H. Del Negro. What is physician contracting in healthcare organizations? American Bar Association, 2015.

KF2905.D45 2015

Annual national institute on health care fraud. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF9368.A962 2015

Immigration Law

Mary E. Kramer. Immigration consequences of criminal activity: a guide to representing foreign-born defendants. Sixth edition. American Immigration Lawyers Association, 2015.

KF4819.K73 2015

Information Privacy Law

Jon L. Mills. Privacy in the new media age. University Press of Florida, 2015.

KF2750.M55 2015

Intellectual Property

Irah H. Donner. Patent prosecution: law, practice, and procedure. Ninth edition. Bloomberg BNA, 2015.

KF3120.D66 2015

Intellectual property and genetically modified organisms: a convergence in laws. Charles Lawson and Berris Charnley, eds. Ashgate, 2015.

K3927.I58 2015

International Business Transactions

A legal guide to doing business in South America. Second edition. Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva, Paulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher, and Carla Amaral de Andrade Junqueira Canero, eds. American Bar Association, 2015.

KH101.B87L44 2015

International Finance

2015 annual review of international banking law & practice. James E. Byrne, Christopher S. Byrnes, Matthew J. Brown, and Justin B. Berger, eds. Institute of International Banking Law & Practice, 2015.


International Law

The illegal business of human trafficking. Maria João Guia, ed. Springer, 2015.

K5297.I45 2015

International Organizations

Eddie Rich and Jonas Moberg. Beyond governments: making collective governance work - lessons from the extractive industries transparency initiative. Greenleaf Publishing, 2015.

JZ1318.R53 2015

International Trade

Yves Bonzon. Public participation and legitimacy in the WTO. Cambridge University Press, 2014.

K4610.B66 2014

Legal Profession

Neil W. Hamilton. Roadmap: the law student's guide to preparing and implementing a successful plan for meaningful employment. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF297.H29 2015

John G. Iezzi. Results-oriented financial management: a step-by-step guide to law firm profitability. Third edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF320.A2I35 2015

Amy Impellizzeri. Lawyer interrupted: successfully transitioning from the practice of law - and back again. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF297.I47 2015

Legal Research

New York legal research. Third edition. Elizabeth G. Adelman, Theodora Belniak, Courtney L. Selby, and Brian Detweiler. Carolina Academic Press, 2015.

KFN5074.A34 2015

Oil and Gas

Brazilian midstream and downstream oil and gas: a practical guide to the law and regulation. Eduardo G. Pereira, ed. Globe Law and Business, 2014.

KHD3969.B729 2014

Enhanced oil recovery: legal framework for sustainable management of mature oil fields. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2015.

KF1849.A2E54 2015

International mining and oil & gas law, development, and investment. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2015.

K3904.A6I58 2015

Private Law

Private law and the rule of law. Lisa M. Austin and Dennis Klimchuk, eds. Oxford University Press, 2014.

K3171.P758 2014

Professional Responsibility

Annotated model rules of professional conduct. Eighth edition. Ellen J. Bennett, Elizabeth J. Cohen, and Helen W. Gunnarsson, eds. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF305.A2 2015


Sheldon F. Kurtz. Moynihan's introduction to the law of real property: an historical background of the common law of real property and its modern application. Sixth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2015.

KF570.M6 2015


Remedies: cases, practical problems, and exercises. Third edition. Russell L. Weaver, David F. Partlett, Michael B. Kelly, and W. Jonathan Cardi. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

KF9010.R458 2014

Reproductive Rights

Laury Oaks. Giving up baby: safe haven laws, motherhood, and reproductive justice. New York University Press, 2015.

KF549.O15 2015

Sexual Orientation and the Law

Ally Windsor Howell. Transgender persons and the law. Second edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF4754.5.H69 2015

Tax Fraud and Money Laundering

Gregory P. Joseph. Civil RICO: a definitive guide. Fourth edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF9375.J67 2015

White Collar Crime

James M. Anderson and Ivan Waggoner. The changing role of criminal law in controlling corporate behavior. RAND Corporation, 2014.

KF9236.5.A95 2014

Robert W. Tarun. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act handbook: a practical guide for multinational general counsel, transactional lawyers, and white collar criminal practitioners. Fourth edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF9351.T37 2015

New Government Documents List


Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. Hearing before the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, first session, February 13, 2015.

KF27.J8566 2015

Suicide prevention and treatment: helping loved ones in mental health crisis. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, second session, September 18, 2014.

KF27.E5546 2014c

The Palestinian authority's international criminal court gambit: a true partner for peace? Hearing before the Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, first session, February 4, 2015.

KF27.F64826 2015