New Titles List for the Week of June 16, 2008


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Featured Resource List




Jeff Corntassel and Richard C. Witmern foreword by Lindsay G. Robertson

Forced Federalism : Contemporary Challenges to Indigenous Nationhood University of Oklahoma Press, c2008

KF8205.C67 2008


Over the past twenty years, Native American policy could be called "forced federalism," over such issues as taxation, gaming, and homeland security. During the forced federalism era (1988-present), public perceptions of indigenous peoples as "rich Indians" have been just as damaging to Native nations as anti-sovereignty legislation. This book examines how state governments have manipulated "rich Indian" images when setting policies targeting indigenous peoples and discusses how indigenous nations have responded politically to these contemporary threats to their nationhood.


David Nimmer

Copyright Illuminated: Refocusing the Diffuse U.S. Statute

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, c2008

KF 2994.N56 2008


David Nimmer in this update from the 2003 edition explores some of the most difficult issues in copyright law including the work for hire doctrine, repeat infringers, fair use determination, and substantial similarity of computer programs.

This book offers an overview and detailed analysis of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 and all its amendments. This item is a must for the practicing attorney in copyright law as well as the scholar or student interested in intellectual property law.


New Titles List

Civil Procedure


Joseph W. Glannon Civil procedure : examples and explanations, 6th ed., Aspen Publishers, c2008


KF8839.G58 2008








David Nimmer Copyright illuminated : refocusing the diffuse US statute, Kluwer Law International, 2008


KF2994.N56 2008






European Union Law


Ralph H. Folsom European Union law in a nutshell, 6th ed., Thomson/West, c2008


KJE949.F55 2008






International Commercial Arbitration


Michael W. Buhler and Thomas H. Webster Handbook of ICC arbitration : commentary, precedents, materials, 2nd ed., Thomson/Sweet & Maxwell, 2008


K2400.B84 2008






International Trade


Raj Bhala Dictionary of international trade law, LexisNexis : Matthew Bender, c2008


K3943.B488 2008






Law and Economics


Mario Monti, [et al.] (eds.) Economic law and justice in times of globalisation : Festschrift for Carl Baudenbacher = Wirtschaftsrecht und Justiz in Zeiten der Globalisierung, Stampfli, 2007


K3850.E3 2007






Legal Reference Work


CCH Health Editorial Master medicare guide, CCH Inc., c2005-








Native Americans


Jeff Corntassel and Richard C. Witmern foreword by Lindsay G. Robertson Forced federalism : contemporary challenges to indigenous nationhood, University of Oklahoma Press, c2008


KF8205.C67 2008






New Journal


Maastricht journal of European and comparative law, Nomos, 1994-








Patent Law


Paul Cole Fundamentals of patent drafting, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, c2006


KD1374.C65 2006






Securities Regulation


Alan R. Palmiter Securities regulation : examples and explanations, Aspen Publishers, c2008


KF1440.P25 2008






Tax Law


Daniel Lathrope Global issues in income taxation, Thomson/West, c2008


K4505.L38 2008


New Government Documents List

There are no new government documents this week.