New Titles List for the Week of March 31, 2008


These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.


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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Organizations
  • Family Law
  • Health Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • International Trade
  • Islamic Law
  • Jury Practice
  • Law and Religion
  • Legal History
  • Legal Profession
  • Legal Writing
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Suicide
  • Tax Law
  • War Crimes
  • Women and the Law
  • Government Documents

Featured Resource List




Rennard Strickland & Frank T. Read

The Lawyer Myth: A Defense of the American Legal Profession

Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, 2008

KF298.S775 2008


In The Lawyer Myth: A Defense of the American Legal Profession, the authors look beyond stereotypical antilawyer media images to explore the historical role of lawyers as a balancing force in times of social, economic, and political change.

By explaining the facts and reasoning behind the decisions in such cases as the infamous McDonald’s coffee spill, the authors describe the operation of the law while addressing misconceptions about the number of lawsuits, runaway jury verdicts, and legal “technicalities” that turn criminals out on the street.  The authors also propose several reforms for the bar, the judiciary, and law schools that will enable lawyers to reach the profession’s potential.


Dean M. Harris

Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics

Health Administration Press/AUPHA Press, 2008

KF3825.Z9 H37 2008


The third edition addresses important legal and ethical issues in healthcare and provides helpful information about possible related legal problems.  In contrast to prior editions, this book focuses on health insurance reform.  It also contains updated and new information such as: the Supreme Court’s decisions about physician-assisted suicide, liability of health plans, and partial-birth abortion; Medicare’s prescription drug benefit; and medical error reporting.



New Titles List



David G. Epstein, Steve H. Nickles Principles of bankruptcy law, Thomson/West, c2007.


KF1524.3.E67 2007






Business Organizations


Phillip I. Blumberg, et al. Blumberg on corporate groups, 2nd ed., Aspen Publishers, c2005.








Family Law


Family, unvalued : discrimination, denial, and the fate of binational same-sex couples under U.S. law, Human Rights Watch: Immigration Equality, c2006.


KF4754.5.F36 2006






Health Law


Dean M. Harris Contemporary issues in healthcare law and ethics, 3rd ed., Health Administration Press: AUPHA Press, c2008.


KF3825.Z9 H37 2008






Immigration Law


Kristina Beckman An immigrant's run-in with the law : a forensic linguistic analysis, LFB Scholarly Pub., 2007.


KF8968.54.B43 2007






Intellectual Property


Calculating intellectual property damages, Thomson/West, c2006.








International Criminal Law


Joris Voorhoeve From war to the rule of Law : peacebuilding after violent conflicts, Amsterdam University, 2007.


JZ6010.V66 2007






International Law


Arthur T. von Mehren, completed with the assistance of Dr. Eckart Gottschalk Adjudicatory authority in private international law : a comparative study, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, c2007.


K7625.V66 2007






International Trade


Peter Brodie Commercial shipping handbook, 2nd ed., Informa Law, 2006.


 K4150.B76 2006






Islamic Law


Lebeeb Ahmed Bsoul International treaties (muahadat) in Islam : theory and practice in the light of Islamic international law (siyar) according to orthodox schools, University Press of America, c2008.


KZ1301.B79 2008






Jury Practice


Amy Singer, Pat Maloney Trials and deliberations : inside the jury room, Rev. ed., West Group, c1999.








Law and Religion


John Dombrink and Daniel Hillyard Sin no more : from abortion to stem cells, understanding crime, law, and morality in America, New York University Press, c2007.


KF380.D65 2007






Legal History


David B. Goldman Globalisation and the Western legal tradition : recurring patterns of law and authority, Cambridge University Press, 2007.


JZ1324.G65 2007






Legal Profession


Rennard Strickland and Frank T. Read The lawyer myth : a defense of the American legal profession, Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, c2008.


KF298.S775 2008






Legal Writing


Marvin Garfinkel Real world document drafting : a dispute-avoidance approach, ALI ABA, c2008.


KF250.G374 2008






Medical Malpractice


Perry Hookman Medical malpractice expert witnessing : introductory guide for physicians and medical professionals, CRC Press, c2008.


KF8964.H58 2008








William H. Colby Unplugged : reclaiming our right to die in America, AMACOM/American Management Association, c2006.


KF3827.E87C65 2006






Tax Law


W. Rod Stern and Carol A. Brittain Tax planning for business, Entrepreneur Press, c2008.


KF6450.S74 2008






War Crimes


Andre Klip and Goran Sluiter, Editors The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia 2002-2003, Intersentia, c2007.


KZ1203.A2I68 2007






Women and the Law


Dorothy E. Chunn, Susan B. Boyd, and Hester Lessard, Editors Reaction and resistance : feminism, law, and social change, UBC Press, c2007.


KE509.R43 2007


New Government Documents List

Long hard road : NCO experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq.


DS371.413.L66 2007




Welcome to the United States : a guide for new immigrants / U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


JV6465.W45 2007




Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de America : guia para inmigrantes nuevos / U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


JV6465.W4518 2007




Aeronautical and astronautical resources of the Library of Congress : a comprehensive guide / prepared by Ronald S. Wilkinson, John F. Buydos, and others   project direction by William J. Sittig.


Z5060.W55 2007