New Titles List for the Week of September 11, 2006

These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.

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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Antitrust
  • Banking
  • British Law
  • Business Organizations
  • Canadian Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Civil Rights
  • Commercial Law
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Constitutional Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Contracts
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Family Law
  • Health Law
  • Higher Education Law
  • Human Rights
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Trade
  • Jewish Law
  • Judicial Process
  • Juvenile Law
  • Labor Law
  • Law and Politics
  • Law and Religion
  • Malaysian Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Mexican Law
  • Native Americans
  • Personal and Professional Ethics
  • Sports Law
  • Tax Law
  • Torts
  • Trademark and Unfair Competition
  • Trusts and Wills
  • New Government Documents


Featured Resource List


Joseph B Sanborn and Anthony W. Salerno
The Juvenile Justice System: Law and Process
Roxbury Pub. Co., 2005


KF9779.S26 2005

This book provides a broad overview of juvenile law. It begins with a history of juvenile justice in the United States including its development and past Supreme Court intervention. Next, Sanborn covers the nature of juvenile delinquency dealing with topics such as jurisdiction, statistical information, and patterns of juvenile crime. Third, the book discusses those with major roles in this field including police, juvenile court judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other personnel. Finally, the author describes the juvenile court process and correction, prevention of juvenile crime, and the future direction of juvenile justice.


Herb Appenzeller, editor

Risk Management in Sport: Issues and Strategies
Carolina Academic Press, 2005


KF1290.S66R57 2005

This book is comprised of contributions from 30 sports law professionals providing expert insight into a variety of areas of this field. It discusses current legal topics in the sports industry and provides advice for attorneys. Some of the topics featured include an overview of risk management in sports, issues and strategies, an overview of the legal system, and a glossary of legal words and phrases. This book also covers tort liability issues in sports, medical issues, event and facility management issues, risk management concerns, and trends in risk management.

New Titles List

Antitrust Leonel Pereznieto Castro, Renato Roberto Guerrero Serreau
Derecho De La Competencia Economica
, Oxford University Press, 2002.
KGF3758.P47 2002
Banking Elvia Arcelia Quintana Adriano
Derechos De Los Usuarios De La Banca
, 2. ed., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2001.
KGF1149.Q56 2001
British Law Peter Shears & Graham Stephenson James' Introduction To English Law, 13th ed., Michie, 1996.
KD661.J34 1996
  Gary Slapper, David Kelly
The English Legal System
, 7th ed., Cavendish, 2004.
KD661.S58 2004
  Richard Ward, Amanda Wragg
Walker & Walker's English Legal System
, 9th ed., Oxford University Press, 2005.
KD7100.W3 2005
Business Organizations Manuel Garcia Rendon
Sociedades Mercantiles
, 2a ed., Oxford University Press, 1999.
KGF1295.G37 1999
  Gu Minkang
Understanding Chinese Company Law
, Hong Kong University Press, 2006.
KNQ1050.G8 2006
Canadian Law Claude Marseille
Regles Des Cours Federales Du Canada Et Documents Connexes 2006 / Claude Marseille = Federal Courts Rules And Related Documents 2006
, Editions Y. Blais, 2006.
KE8240.A3 2006
  Lee Stuesser
An Advocacy Primer
, 3rd ed., Thomson Carswell, 2005.
KE8422.S78 2005
Civil Procedure Mary Ross Hendriks
Court Motions Handbook
, 2nd ed., Carswell, 1996.
KEO1124.H46 1996
  Gilbert Kodilinye, Vanessa Kodilinye; Consultant, Erskine L. Hinds Commonwealth Caribbean Civil Procedure, Cavendish Pub., 1999.
KGL5503.K63 1999
Civil Rights Clara Bingham & Laura Leedy Gansler Class Action: The Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law, Anchor Books, 2003
KF228.J464B56 2003
Commercial Law Paul Stephen Dempsey, Laurence E. Gesell; Foreword James E. Landry
Air Commerce And The Law
, Coast Aire Publications, 2004.
KF2439.D42 2004
  Victor M. Castrillon Y Luna
Contratos Mercantiles
, 2. ed., Corregida y Aumentada, Editorial Porrua, 2003.
KGF1059.C378 2003
  Roberto Baez Martinez
Principios Basicos De Derecho Economico
, 1a ed., Editorial Pac, S.A. de C.V., 2001.
KGF1060.B34 2001
Conflict of Laws Sir Peter North & J.J. Fawcett
Cheshire And North's Private International Law
, 13th ed., LexisNexis UK, 2004.
KD680.C45 2004
  Marina Vargas Gomez-Urrutia Contratacion Internacional En El Sistema Interamericano, 1. ed., Oxford University Press, 2000.
KDZ116.C64V37 2000
Constitutional Law Michael Les Benedict
Preserving The Constitution: Essays On Politics And The Constitution In The Reconstruction Era
, 1st ed., Fordham University Press, 2006.
KF4541.B445 2006
  Anthony M. Bertelli & Laurence E. Lynn, Jr.
Madison's Managers : Public Administration And The Constitution
, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.
KF4541.B47 2006
Consumer Law Jose Ovalle Favela
Derechos Del Consumidor
, 2. ed., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2001.
KGF3739.O936 2001
Contracts Robert Upex, Geoffrey Bennett; With Jason Chuah
Davies On Contract
, 9th ed., Sweet & Maxwell, 2004.
KD1554.Z9D39 2004
  Ont Collabore Avec l'Ecole Du Barreau Du Quebec A La Realisation Du Present Ouvrage: Jacques Deslauriers, Et Al.; Sous La Responsabilite De Claude Leduc Obligations Et Contrats, Editions Yvon Blais, 2005.
KEQ153.8.C65 v.5
  Manuel Bejarano Sanchez
Obligaciones Civiles
, 5a. ed., Oxford University Press Harla, 1999.
KGF745.B45 1999
Crime and Punishment Bronislaw Malinowski
Crime And Custom In Savage Society
, Rowman & Littlefield, 1989.
GN493.M3 1989
Criminal Justice Jack English, Richard Card
Police Law
, 9th ed., Oxford University Press, 2005.
KD4839.E54 2005
Criminal Law Andrew Ashworth
Principles Of Criminal Law
, 4th ed., Oxford University Press, 2003.
KD7869.A84 2003
  William S. Laufer
Corporate Bodies And Guilty Minds: The Failure Of Corporate Criminal Liability
, University of Chicago Press, 2006.
KF9236.5.L38 2006
Environmental Law David R. Boyd; Foreword By Thomas R. Berger
Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law And Policy
, UBC Press, 2003.
KE3619.B69 2003
Family Law Ont Collabore Avec l'Ecole Du Barreau Du Quebec A La Realisation Du Present Ouvrage: France Allard, Et Al.; Sous La Responsabilite De Jocelyne Jarry Personnes, Famille Et Successions, Editions Y. Blais, 2005.
KEQ153.8.C65 v.3
Health Law Michael Davies
Textbook On Medical Law
, 2nd ed., Blackstone Press, 1998.
KD3395.D38 1998
  Terry S. Coleman
Medicare Law
, 2nd ed., American Health Lawyers Association, 2006.
KF3608.A4C64 2006
Higher Education Law Salvador Valencia Carmona
Derecho, Autonomia Y Educacion Superior: Derecho De La Educacion Y De La Autonomia
, 1. ed., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico : Instituto Politecnico Nacional, 2003.
KGF3594.V35 2003
Human Rights Ilene Cohn & Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Child Soldiers: The Role Of Children In Armed Conflict, Oxford University Press, 1994.
K639.C64 1994
  Stephen Grosz, Jack Beatson, Peter Duffy; With Tim Eicke, Conor Gearty, Marie Demetriou
Human Rights: The 1998 Act And The European Convention
, Sweet & Maxwell, 2000.
KD4080.G76 2000
  Margarita Moreno-Bonett
Los Derechos Humanos En Perspectiva Historica: De Los Derechos Individuales A Los Derechos Sociales, 1857-1917
, 1. ed., Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 2005.
KGF3003.M67 2005
Intellectual Property Law William R. Cornish, Editor
Cases And Materials On Intellectual Property
, 4th ed., Sweet & Maxwell, 2003.
KD1269.C667 2003
  Sallie Randolph, et al.
Author Law A To Z: A Desktop Guide To Writers' Rights And Responsibilities
, 1st ed., Capital Books, Inc., 2005.
KF3084.Z9A938 2005
International Trade Frank Reynolds
A To Z Of International Trade
, ICC Pub. S.A., 2002.
HF1373.R49 2002
Jewish Law

Michael Walzer, Editor
Law, Politics, And Morality In Judaism, Princeton University Press, 2006.

KBM524.14.L39 2006
Judicial Process Kate Malleson & Peter H. Russell, Editors
Appointing Judges In An Age Of Judicial Power: Critical Perspectives From Around The World
, University of Toronto Press, 2006.
K2146.A93 2006
Juvenile Law Donald J. Shoemaker
Theories Of Delinquency: An Examination Of Explanations Of Delinquent Behavior
, 5th ed., Oxford Universtiy Press, 2005.
HV9069.S525 2005
  Joseph B. Sanborn, Anthony W. Salerno; Foreword By Donna Bishop The Juvenile Justice System: Law And Process, Roxbury Pub. Co., 2005.
KF9779.S26 2005
Labor Law Keith Hawkins
Law As Last Resort: Prosecution Decision-Making In A Regulatory Agency
, Oxford University Press, 2002.
KD8348.H39 2002
  Miguel Bermudez Cisneros
Derecho Del Trabajo
, Oxford, 2000.
KGF1789.B47 2000
  Rafael Tena Suck, Hugo Italo Morales Saldana
El Juicio De Amparo En Materia Laboral
, Oxford University Press, 2002.
KGF2759.L32T46 2002
Law and Politics Michel Seymour, Editor
The Fate Of The Nation-State
, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004.
JC311.F38 2004
Law and Religion John Locke, Editor; With An Introduction, Critical Apparatus, Notes, And Transcription Of Ancillary Manuscripts By J.R. Milton & Philip Milton
Epistola De Tolerantia. English. 2006.; An Essay Concerning Toleration: And Other Writings On Law And Politics, 1667-1683
, Oxford University Press, 2006.
BR1610.L823 2006
Malaysian Law A. Vijayalakshmi Venugopal Introduction To Law In Malaysia = Pengenalan Kepada Undang-Undang Di Malaysia, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2001.
KPG120.V46 2001x
Maritime Law Eric Sullivan
The Marine Encyclopaedic Dictionary
, 2nd ed., Lloyd's of London Press, 1988.
K4150.S85 1988
Mexican Law Revision Y Actualizacion De Miguel Carbonell
Estatuto De Gobierno Y Ley Organica De La Administracion Publica Del Distrito Federal
, 21a ed., Porrua, 2004.
JL1229.A2E77 2004
  Graciela Macedo Jaimes
Elementos De Historia Del Derecho Mexicano
, 3. ed., Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, 2000.
KGF292.M33 2000
  Juventino V. Castro
Hacia El Sistema Judicial Mexicano Del XXI
, Editorial Porrua, 2000.
KGF2501.C373 2000
  Carlos A. Morales-Paulin; Prol. Hector Fix-Zamudio
Justicia Constitucional
, Porrua, 2002.
KGF2698.M67 2002
  Pablo Enrique Reyes
La Accion De Inconstitucionalidad: Derecho Procesal Constitucional
, Oxford University Press, 2000.
KGF2698.R49 2000
  Alberto Del Castillo Del Valle
Ley De Amparo Comentada
, 5a ed., Ediciones Juridicas Alma, 2003.
KGF2709.C27 2003
  Constitucion Politica Y Realidad: Elisur Arteaga Nava, Siglo Veintiuno, 1997.
KGF2914.1917A4 1997
  La Reforma Constitucional En Mexico Y Argentina, 1. ed., Procurador de Derechos Humanos de Guatemala, 1996.
KGF2919.R44 1996
  Maximo N. Gamiz Parral
Lo Que Todo Mexicano Debe Saber Sobre Derecho
, 3rd ed., Noriega, 2003.
KGF2921.G35 2003
  Peter Haberle; Estudio Introductorio, Diego Valades; Traduccion E Indices, Hector Fix-Fierro
El Estado Constitucional
, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Instituto de Investigaciones Juridicas, 2003, 2001.
KGF2921.H32 2003
  Jose Ovalle Favela
Garantias Constitucionales Del Proceso
, 2a ed., Oxford University Press, 2002.
KGF3010.O94 2002
  Jose Antonio Gonzalez Fernandez, Compilador
Distrito Federal: Sociedad, Gobierno Y Justicia: Memoria Del Seminario Realizado Del 16 De Abril Al 23 De Mayo De 1996
, 1. ed., Procuraduria General de Justicia del Distrito Federal, 1997.
KGF7637.5.D57 1997
Native Americans David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, Robert A. Williams, Jr.
Cases And Materials On Federal Indian Law
, 5th ed., Thomson/West, 2005.
KF8204.5.G47 2005
Personal and Professional Ethics Lee F. Peoples
Legal Ethics: A Legal Research Guide
, 2nd ed., W.S. Hein & Co., 2006.
KF240.L43 v.48
Sports Law Herb Appenzeller, Editor
Risk Management In Sport: Issues And Strategies
, 2nd ed., Carolina Academic Press, 2005.
KF1290.S66R57 2005
Tax Law Vern Krishna
The Fundamentals Of Canadian Income Tax
, 8th ed., Thomson/Carswell, 2004.
KE5759.K74 2004
Torts Ont Collabore Avec l'Ecole Du Barreau Du Quebec A La Realisation Du Present Ouvrage: Pierre Deschamps, Et Al.; Sous La Responsabilite De Claude Leduc Responsabilite, Editions Yvon Blais, 2005.
KEQ153.8.C65 v.4
Trademark and Unfair Competition Lee Wilson
The Trademark Guide: A Friendly Handbook To Protecting And Profiting From Trademarks
, 2nd ed., Allworth Press, 2004.
KF3180.Z9W55 2004
Trusts and Wills Andrew Borkowski
Textbook On Succession
, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, 2002.
KD1500.B67 2002


New Government Documents List

The Defense Travel System : Boon Or Boondoggle? : Hearing Before The Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations Of The Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, September 29, 2005.
KF26.H634 2005s
Confirmation Hearing On The Nominations Of Carol E. Dinkins To Be Chairman Of The Privacy And Civil Liberties Oversight Board And Alan Charles Raul To Be Vice Chairman Of The Privacy And Civil Liberties Oversight Board  : Hearing Before The Committee On The Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, November 8, 2005.
KF26.J8 2005v
Strengthening Border Security Between The Ports Of Entry  : The Use Of Technology To Protect The Borders : Joint Hearing Before The  Subcommittee On Immigration, Border Security, And Citizenship And The Subcommittee On Terrorism, Technology, And Homeland Security Of The Committee On The Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, April 29, 2005.
KF26.J8526 2005g
U.S. History  : Our Worst Subject? : Hearing Before The Subcommittee On Education And Early Childhood Development Of The Committee On Health, Education, Labor, And Pensions, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, On Examining Issues Relating To American History, Focusing On S. 860, To Amend The National Assessment Of Educational Progress Authorization Act To Require State Academic Assessments Of Student Achievement In United States History And Civics, June 30, 2005.
KF26.L27347 2005j