O'Quinn Law Library Newsletter February 2007  P. 31 Jenel Cotton | 2 Resources | 3 Safety Tips | 4 Brown Bag Presentations

2007 Spring Brown Bag Presentation Series

During the 2007 Spring Semester, the O’Quinn Law Library reference librarians will offer a series of lunchtime and evening legal presentations on legal research topics. Each presentation will be given at 12 noon on Tuesdays, 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, and 12 noon on Thursdays. All presentations will take place in Room 4 BLB.

1. Improve Your Database Knowledge and Research Skills--by Peter J. Egler, Head of Reference, Week of 2/06/2007
The University of Houston libraries subscribe to a wide variety of databases, including legal information databases. This presentation will highlight several of the University of Houston libraries’ most useful databases, and demonstrate how to locate all of the libraries’ databases. Many of these databases include information that isn’t available in LexisNexis or Westlaw. Some of the databases that will be reviewed include Academic Search Premier, Business Source Complete, Hein Online, Legaltrac, and the New York Times historical database. Students who are taking seminar classes this semester, or who will take seminar classes in the future, will benefit for this presentation as they will learn about the numerous database resources available to them through the University of Houston libraries.

2. Administrative Law Research--by Jenel Cotton, Reference Librarian, Week of 2/13/2007
Administrative law encompasses laws and legal principles governing the administration and regulation of government agencies with delegated power by Congress to act as agents for the executive. This talk will provide an overview of the development of the federal administrative system and will concentrate on major administrative published material. The second part of the talk will include how to use these materials when conducting legal research. At the end of this talk, you will be familiar with the structure of the federal administrative system and be equipped to research in the primary resources.

3. Tax Law Research--by Christopher Dykes, Reference Librarian, Week of 2/20/2007
This presentation will focus on the different sources of tax law including the primary and secondary sources. The availability of certain documents will also be discussed. The BNA, CCH, and RIA tax law research databases will be reviewed along with the print sources. After attending this program, patrons will have a basic understanding of tax law resources as well as some familiarity with the databases.

4. Legislative History Law Research--by Chenglin Liu, Foreign & International Law Librarian, Week of 2/27/2007
Legislative history research is essential for discerning the intended purpose and meaning of particular statutory language. It is useful both for academic research and legal practice. This talk will provide a brief introduction to the federal legislative process, identify relevant legislative history documents, and acquaint students with major print and electronic resources for finding legislative materials.

5. Empirical Research--by Mon Yin Lung, Associate Director of the O’Quinn Law Library, Week of 3/06/2007
The legal system and legal issues do not exist in a vacuum. Lawyers solve problems of the real world; therefore they need to research non-legal facts to support lawyering functions such as: advocacy/litigation, counsel, and lobbying. At this session a student will learn where to find basic non-legal information such as corporate, medical, scientific, credit histories/assets/liens, expert witnesses, patents/trademarks, statistics, and general news.