O'Quinn Law Library Newsletter February 2007  P. 31 Jenel Cotton | 2 Resources | 3 Safety Tips | 4 Brown Bag Presentations

Safely Speaking
by Mon Yin Lung, Associate Director of the O'Quinn Law Library

The O'Quinn Law Library is a nice place to be for UH law students. In a quiet, comfortable environment you can study, meet your friends, and be connected to the legal worlds past and present through its collection of more than 500,000 volumes, numerous databases and friendly librarians. But even in Eden one still can find a serpent. To safeguard your valuables while you are in the Library, we recommend the following:

1. Mark your valuables such as your laptop, cell phone, new textbooks, wallet, IPod, etc. Keep a record of their serial numbers or their special features.
2. Do not leave your valuables unattended, thinking that the library staff is watching. The library staff cannot watch the whole library area all the time. Besides we do not have the authority to search or to stop someone from taking things out of a backpack. We also cannot stop anyone from leaving the area, unless this person is walking out of the library with a non-checked out library book.
3. If you have to leave your valuables behind for a short while and want someone to keep watch for you, please ask someone whose name and identity are well known to you. Please remember that the library staff cannot do you this favor because this is not part of their duties.
4. Count your valuables from time to time.
5. Report to the campus police at once if you realize something is missing.

We hope that after you diligently practice Items 1 through 4, you will never have to do Item 5.

Fun with Sudoku
by Jenel Cotton, Reference Librarian