Paging Books Through the University of Houston Online Catalog


Using the UH libraries online catalog, the paging system transfers books owned by other UH libraries to the O’Quinn Law Library for your use. Only circulating books can be paged and articles or photocopies cannot be paged. 

To begin the paging process, locate the UH online catalog record for the book you need. This is a catalog record for a book owned by the M.D. Anderson Library, the main library of our system. Notice the red checked “Request” button at the top:



Also, notice the status field that indicates the book is “In library” and available for transfer.  If the status field states that the book is non-circulating or on reserve, it cannot be paged. If the status field indicates that the book is checked out, missing or overdue, paging is not a good option. Because the book in this record is obtainable, the next step is to click on the red check request button. The paging login screen will appear.

The online paging system requires that you login with your PeopleSoft ID.  This is the paging log in screen:



Only UH students, faculty and staff are allowed to page books.

Complete the paging login, click submit, and the paging request screen will appear.  This is the paging request screen with the Law Library Circulation Desk selected as the pickup location:



Information on the right side of the screen provides information on paging checked out books and transferring books from other locations. 

It is recommended that you do not page checked out items since it is possible that a checked out book will not be returned in time for you to use it. Therefore, interlibrary loan is a better alternative. You can make an interlibrary loan request from the Law Library Interlibrary Loan Department through the O’Quinn Law Library webpage.

To complete the page request, select the Law Library Circulation Desk for pick up and click submit. Notification that the page request has been successful will appear:


You will receive a system generated email notification when the paged book arrives at the Law Library. Paged books are placed in a hold box at the Circulation Desk, under your name, and will be held for seven days. If a book is not picked up, it is returned to its home library.

Paged books are not checked out until they are picked up and you are not responsible for items you do not checkout. Checkout time periods and return policies for the different UH libraries vary.  You are responsible for renewing and returning books you checkout. Books should be returned to the Law Library Circulation Desk where they will be checked in. Once a book is checked in, you are no longer responsible for its return but you are responsible for any fines that may have accrued.