Summer Financial Aid (posted 06/04/2018)

To receive summer federal financial aid loans you must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours during the summer sessions.

Summer Loans: If you have any unsubsidized loan eligibility ($20,500) left from fall 2017-spring 2018 you will be notified by an email award notice with instructions to login to PeopleSoft to accept the award after you are enrolled for summer. If you do not have any unsub eligibility left you will not receive an award notice, but to cover your summer expense you can apply for a new 2017-2018 grad plus loan at beginning 4/16/18 with a loan period of June 2018 thru August 2018. If you select max, you will be awarded up to the maximum summer budget (budget TBA). Be sure to email your name and PeopleSoft ID to Laura Neal at once credit approved so the loan can be awarded.

Disbursement of Summer Financial Aid: Fin Aid should disburse on the first day of class in the summer session the 6th hour is reached.

Example: if you are enrolled in 3 hours in summer session 2 and 3 hours in summer session 4, your funds will NOT disburse until summer session 4 which is 7/9/18 at the earliest.

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