2018-2019 Financial Aid Awarding (posted 06/04/2018)

Direct Federal Grad PLUS Loan:

A grad plus loan can be used to fill the gap in your award. This is a credit based loan. UH chose not to initiate a credit check on a student’s behalf.
• Students must initiate a 2018-2019 grad plus loan to fill the gap up to the COA minus any other financial aid/awards beginning May 28, 2018 by logging in to and ‘Complete a 2018-2019 PLUS Request Process’.
• The loan period will be August 2018 through May 2019. You will be asked if you want the maximum eligibility (the loan will be processed up to the COA minus any other financial aid award) or you can request a specific dollar amount, not to exceed the COA, minus any other financial aid award.
• If you are credit denied due to adverse credit, an endorser may be an option or you may appeal the credit decision with the DOE if you have extenuating circumstances.
• Currently the interest rate is 7.595% for the life of that loan. The interest rate can change each year on July 1.
• Currently there is a loan fee is 4.264% that the DOE charges. This is a processing fee that will be deducted from the borrowed amount. The fee can change each October 1.
• Be sure to e-sign a 2018-2019 Grad Plus MPN at
• Complete a grad plus entrance counseling at

Once credit approved for the grad plus loan, be sure to send an email with your name and myUH ID/PeopleSoft ID (7 digit number) to letting me know you are credit approved. Please remind me that you are an entering student so that I can verify your COA reflects your actual tuition and fee bill charges. I will begin processing Grad Plus loans sometime in early June 2017.

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