Summer Financial Aid (posted 04/10/2017)

Disbursement of Summer Financial Aid: Fin Aid should disburse on the first day of class in the summer session the 6th hour is reached.
Example: if you are enrolled in 3 hours in summer session 2 and three hours in summer session 4, your funds will NOT disburse until summer session 4 which is 7/10/17 at the earliest.
Summer session enrollment dates:
• Summer 1 – 6/5/17 thru 8/8/17
• Summer 2 – 6/5/17 thru 7/3/17
• Summer 4 – 7/10/17 thru 8/7/17

When the funds come in, they will be applied directly to your university student account to pay your summer fee bill. Any remaining funds will be refunded to you through BankMobile however you set up your refund preference.

If you have any unsub eligibility left over from fall 2016-spring 2017 you should receive a summer email award notice around 4/17/17. If you do not have any unsub eligibility left your award notice will state you do not qualify, but you can apply for a new 2016-2017 grad plus loan beginning 4/25/17 at with a loan period of June 2017 thru August 2017 to cover your summer expenses. If you select max, you will be awarded up to the maximum summer budget (budget TBA). Be sure to email your name and PeopleSoft ID to Laura Neal at once credit approved for a grad plus loan.

Study Abroad Participants – email Laura Neal at for instructions.

Summer Fee Payment Due Dates:
• Summer sessions 1 & 2 (1st half & full summer) fee payment is due by May 30, 2017.
• Summer session 4 (2nd half) fee payment is due by July 5, 2017.

If your summer financial aid shows as pending in PeopleSoft and it covers 100% of your required fee payment, no payment is required. If your financial aid does NOT cover 100% of your fee bill, payment is required by e-check, credit card or an emergency deferment loan. All of these choices can be completed in PeopleSoft under Student Financials. There are no installment pay plans for summer sessions.

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