Institute for Energy Law presents the 66th Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference (posted 01/15/2015)

The IEL will be presenting their 66th Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference at the Hyatt Regency Houston – Downtown, 1200 Louisiana St., in Houston on Thursday, February 19th and Friday, February 20th. As a Law School Member of the IEL, the UHLC may send two students to the conference free of tuition charges. Full details of the program can be found at

If you wish to be nominated to attend the conference(s), please follow these instructions:

1. Send your vita or resume, with a brief statement of why you are interested in this conference and what you expect to get from it. Also include the courses in energy, environment and natural resources that you have taken or are taking.

2. In the statement, list any other funding support that you have received to attend conferences from the EENR Center at UHLC; list the conference(s) and the amounts received.

3. Send your email to Elaine Gildea at egildea@Central.UH.EDU with the completed registration form by February 4, 2015. She will collect the names and information from all interested students.

4. You will be notified by April Moreno about your nomination by February 5, 2015 and she will contact Lisa Gaspar, at IEL, (, 972-244-3404) who will register the selected students. Do NOT attempt to self-register. After your name has been sent to IEL, you will be contacted directly by IEL about your attendance.

Registration form:

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