The IEL Hartick Scholar Writing Competition (posted 11/20/2015)

The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law announces its 2014 Hartrick Scholar writing competition. All eligible students are invited to participate.

Eligible Students and Topics: Students enrolled in law school anywhere in the world as of December 2015, and seeking a first degree in law, such as a juris doctor, LL.B. or an equivalent, are eligible to submit an article for consideration in the IEL Hartrick Scholar competition. The general subject for this year’s competition is any topic related to energy development. This includes, for example, topics concerning oil and gas law, alternative energy resources, energy regulation, and environmental regulation of the energy industries.
The article can be any work prepared by the student while enrolled in law school and can include prior works prepared for a law journal or a law school course, so long as the submitted version complies with the submission guidelines. The Hartrick Scholar Judging Committee will select one or more outstanding submissions that they deem worthy of recognition.

Submission Guidelines: The article must be submitted electronically to the Hartrick Scholar Judging Committee, at the address listed below, on or before December 11, 2015.

For more details on submission guidelines, submission address, and much more please click on the link :

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