2015 Summer & Fall Registration Information Packet (posted 03/24/2015)

2015 Summer and Fall Registration Information Packet is posted on the web (link below). The packet contains the registration dates, the Academic Calendars, First-year Part-time registration information, Preference Course procedures, important deadlines,Texas Bar subjects, and much more. Please read the packet carefully!

Your specific registration date and time is posted in PeopleSoft under your Student Center,and is listed in the Registration Packet. If you do not have an appointment date and time listed or your date is wrong, please contact Derrick Gabriel in Student Services ASAP.

The 2015 Summer and Fall Course & Exam schedules are available at Please make sure that you refer to the course schedule posted on the law center’s website for correct and up to date information. We cannot guarantee that what is listed in PeopleSoft is correct, but we know that the schedule on the law center's website will.

We encourage you to access your PeopleSoft MyUh account prior to your scheduled registration appointment to make sure that your password works and to check your record for service indicators (Holds) that could keep you from registering. If you have parking tickets, library fines, or still owe money for the current semester, there may be a service indicator on your record. The system will not let you register until the hold is cleared. If your password does not work, you will need to use the “Reset Password” function that’s located on the login page in PeopleSoft. If you do not remember your PeopleSoft ID number, you can contact Student Services at (713)743-2182.

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