Fall 2014 Important Dates/Deadlines (posted 08/18/2014)

If you are Withdrawing for the semester (dropping all courses and are no longer enrolled for the semester), please refer to the withdrawal schedule at

Last day to add a course(s)/credit for the Fall semester is:

September 2, 2014

Everything that you plan to receive credit for the Fall semester must be on your schedule by the September 2nd add deadline. Nothing can be added after the add date, no exceptions!!!!

Last day to drop a course(s), but not all courses for the semester, for a refund:

September 10, 2014

This is the last day that you can drop a course(s) without a “W” and receive a refund. No refund issued for drops after this day!

Last Day to drop a course for the semester (no refund):

October 31, 2014

Last day to drop a course for the semester; must pick up a drop form from Student Services and get the instructor's signature. No refund is given, grade of "W" posted.

December 2014 Graduation filing deadline

October 3, 2014, Timely filing deadline for December graduation, online through PeopleSoft. $25 filing fee

October 31, 2014 Late filing deadline for December Graduation. $50 filing fee

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