IEL 67th Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference (posted 11/24/2015)
The Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Center of UHLC will sponsor the attendance of up to 7 students at the 67th Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference of Institute for Energy Law ...

The IEL Hartick Scholar Writing Competition (posted 11/20/2015)
The Institute for Energy Law of The Center for American and International Law announces its 2016 Hartrick Scholar writing competition.

Research Assistants Needed (posted 11/18/2015)

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New Version Of Electronic Bluebook (EBB) (posted 10/26/2015)
There is a new version of EBB that everyone will need to download. This new version no longer uses the USB Flash drive.

Graduation Checks (posted 10/14/2015)
May 2016 graduates, we encourage you to fill out a Graduation Check form and contact Sharon Nellums-Goosby in Student Services prior to the Spring add deadline to set up a meeting...

2015 Fall Exam Numbers (posted 08/31/2015)
2015 Fall Exam Numbers are available online. To access your exam number you will need to go to; click on the "What is my exam number? " to login.

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