IPIL National Conference

Event Photos

Intellectual Property and Information Law in The Administrative State (2013)
Conference Presenters

 John F. Duffy Arti K. Rai  John M. Golden  Adam Candeub Christopher S. Yoo
John F. Duffy
Professor of Law
University of Virginia School of Law
Arti K. Rai
Professor of Law
Duke Law
John M. Golden
Professor in Law
The University of Texas
School of Law
Adam Candeub
Professor of Law
Michigan State University College of Law
Christopher S. Yoo
Professor of Law
University of Pennsylvania Law School


Conference Fellows

Kali Murray
Sarah Tran
Ryan Vacca Melissa Wasserman
Kali Murray
Associate Professor of Law
Marquette University Law School
Sarah Tran
Assistant Professor of Law
Southerm Methodist University Dedman School of Law

Ryan G. Vacca
Assistant Professor of Law
The University of Akron School of Law
Melissa Wasserman
Associate Professor
University of Illinois College of Law