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IHELGCASEBOOK News for Olivas Casebook Posse:

As of May 5, 2006, the third edition is now available in fine bookstores everywhere: .

The Teachers Manual is available by request for teachers who adopt the text, from Carolina Academic Press. Drop them or me a note.

I am also posting additional materials on this site, such as the informed consent sample protocols, for those who teach the Informed Consent cases in the casebook. As important cases and events occur, I will post them here as well, for your instructional use.

Of course, I look forward to hearing from my Casebook Posse, and to receiving suggestions.

Michael A. Olivas
University of Houston Law Center

State College Savings and Prepaid Plans (pdf)

List of State Prepaid Plans (pdf)

Developments in 529 Plans (2003-present) (pdf)

Table One: State Laws Allowing Undocumented College Students to Establish Residency, 2014

Table Two: States Restricting Access to Postsecondary Education, 2014

Table Three: DREAM Act Congressional Legislative History

Invitational Conference on Texas Lawyer Alonso Perales (1898-1960),
January 12-13, 2012, University of Houston

The University of Houston, Arte Público Press, through the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Program, the Special Collections Department of the MD Anderson Library, and the UH Law Center announce that the papers of Alonso Perales have been acquired and are available for scholarly examination. Alonso Perales (1898-1960) was among the most important organizational figures and public intellectuals of his time, and was instrumental in early 20th century Mexican American political development in Texas. Perales graduated from George Washington University School of Law in 1926, making him one of the earliest Mexican American attorneys to practice law in Texas. He not only had a successful law practice, but helped found the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), served his country in several diplomatic capacities, and was a prolific writer. more...

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The UHLC/IHELG works in a series of concentric circles. At the core of the enterprise is the analytic study of postsecondary institutions -- with special emphasis on the legal issues that affect colleges and universities. The next ring of the circle is made up of affiliated scholars whose research is in law and higher education as a field of study. Many scholars from all over the world have either spent time in residence, or have participated in Institute activities. Finally, many others from governmental agencies and legislative staff concerned with higher education participate in the activities of the Center. All IHELG monographs are available to a wide audience, at low cost.

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