Page 14 - Autobiography of a Law School
P. 14

I have judged a few administrators, both law and university,
as good and a few as not so good. It is easy to say the current
administrators at both the Law Center and the University have been
unusually effective in improving both institutions.

         To focus only on deans and faculty shortchanges the
contributions of many staff members whose value to the Law Center
exceeded that of some deans and professors. Three who come to
mind are Nan Duhon, Deborah Hirsch, and Julie McKay. There are
others who added immeasurable value to the program, including
Tobi Tabor, Merle Morris, and Susan Rachlin, three of the people
who make the writing program work. Non-tenured members of the
teaching staff have contributed enormously to the practice courses
and Moot Court program. A few staff members’ activities were less
worthy. It was, I suppose, a staff member who delivered a package
outside my door revealing a dean’s personal calendar for several
weeks. It was interesting reading, but the revelation that there were
more personal grooming appointments than academic meetings on
the schedule hardly justified the perfidy. The secretarial staff has
been loyal, dedicated and competent, with notable exception when a
departing secretary stole an IBM electric typewriter and was foiled
when the factory repair shop sent it back to the law school.

         When I began to circulate drafts for comment, I ran into
some criticism that the book was not legitimate history. There is
some justification for the criticism. I am not a historian, and this
book is not a product of objective research. Instead, it is more a joint
autobiography. By this, I mean that I tell my own story, and through
that narrative, I tell a substantial part of the law school’s history.
Beginning in 1952, our joint life is presented subjectively, the way
we lived it together.

         I claim several reasons for personalizing the narrative. First,
except for five years from 1947 to 1952, my own history is
entwined with that of the law school. After sixty years as student

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