Page 11 - Autobiography of a Law School
P. 11

colleague Rick Ewing, former Director of Libraries Jon Schultz,
Judge Gladys Oakley, Judge Michol O’Connor, Ben Schleider,
Fred Rizk, Nancy Westerfeld, Leonard Rosenberg, Don Graul, Rick
Colton, Beverly Rudy, Sybil Balasco, Marvin Nathan, Don Riddle,
Todd Riddle, Gregory Thrower, Lynn Thrower, Lily Thrower King,
Adam King, Randal Hendricks, Larry J. Doherty, and Mike
Johnson. I hope these tapes will be professionally edited and
transcribed to provide a direct and unfiltered oral history of the Law

         I acknowledge especially those 7,000 or so students who
played classroom law games with me. They were kind enough not
to hold me responsible for any errors committed when they later
became real lawyers and dealt with real clients. I hope they will
enjoy reading about law school events that happened before, during,
and after they attended. I have no illusions that I will continue in the
memory of the Law Center past 2011, the year I taught my last
class. The half-life of any law professor is one and one-half years.
After the third year, no trace remains. What will last is a plaque on
the wall of Bates Law Building that memorializes Don Riddle’s
very generous funding of the John Mixon Chair in Law. That title
and stipend will pass to some willing soul in 2013, along with a free
copy of this book.

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