Page 10 - Autobiography of a Law School
P. 10

Many people provided information, read early drafts, and
encouraged my efforts as I went through draft after draft. Craig
Joyce, my Law Center colleague and a legitimate historian, was an
indispensable advisor. Zach Martin and Tyson Morgan’s
professional editing was invaluable. Justice Eugene Cook, Judge
Gladys Oakley, Judge Michol O’Connor., C. M. “Hank” Hudspeth,
Ira Shepard, Richard Ewing, Sidney Buchanan, Craig Joyce, Jim
Herget, David Dow, Tom Oldham, Don Riddle, Lenya Gould,
Judith Mixon, Beverly Rudy, and Sybil Balasco read and
commented on drafts.

         Ben Schleider, a member of the first graduating class, was
one of the earliest advocates and unflagging supporter for this
project. Ben was also my excellent teacher of Bills and Notes (now
called Commercial Paper) in 1954. He provided valuable
information and comments on the very first draft of this narrative.
Erin Osborne worked on my feeble efforts to include Italian and
French phrases, and she provided valuable research and editing.
Sandra Jackson deserves special thanks for serving my office suite
for more than twenty years faithfully as secretary, cheerful presence,
and friend. She spent long hours printing draft after draft of this
narrative from Word and PDF files. Mon Yin Lung, the law
library’s princess of publication, discovered facts I never knew
existed from sources I had never heard of, and she finally showed
me how to get on line with Hein.

         Don Riddle made publication easy by raising a tidy sum to
enable The John Mixon Society to bring guest speakers to the Law
Center. I appreciated that effort and enjoyed the speakers, but
equally important, the Society had enough cash left over to support
producing, printing, and distributing this story.

         While preparing the manuscript, I made amateur television
tapes of a number of a few former students, faculty, and friends,
including former Deans Robert Knauss and Stephen Zamora, former

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