Texas, like the U.S. government, has a depository library program. The program is mandated by the Legislature and administered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Agencies provide publications to the Library which, in turn, distributes them to the Texas State Depository Libraries. There are about forty-nine such libraries in Texas, five of these in the Houston area. The Library of Congress is the only out-of-state Texas State Depository Library.


  • Houston Public Library (Texas Room)
  • Rice University (Fondren Library)
  • Texas Southern University (Terry Library)
  • University of Houston (M.D. Anderson Library)
  • University of Houston - Clear Lake (Neumann Library)

    Texas State Depository libraries are full depositories. This means each receives all publications made available for distribution. There are no "selective" state depositories receiving *some* publications free through the program.


    The Texas State Library produces two publications to help in identifying and acquiring new agency publications. Together they may be referred to as the Texas State Publications Index. One is a monthly checklist of available publications. The other is an annual index which is a cumulation of indexing information from the checklists for a year and does not contain the full entry information from the checklists. The checklists and annual indexes are available at Texas State Depository Libraries and selected other libraries by subscription.

    The Texas State Publications Index is a reference source, current-awareness tool, and acquisition aid for the publications produced and distributed by Texas state agencies and institutions of higher education. It includes the monographs, monographic series, annual serials, and new periodical titles that are deposited with and processed by the Texas State Library during a month. Publications excluded from this list are: job announcements, news releases, bills, slip laws, opinions, daily journals, issues of periodicals, and ephemeral materials.


    The checklist is divided into two sections. Part 1 lists publications by issuing agency, alphabetically by the key word in the agency's name. Agencies which contribute to the checklist include state agencies, departments, state-federal cooperating agencies, regional governmental bodies, and state colleges and universities. Publications issued by state colleges and universities are grouped together following the agency listing.

    Each entry in Part 1 contains the following information when available or applicable: 1) Texas Documents classification number [ 1 ]; 2) title; 3) author; 4) edition; 5) publication date; 6) pagination; 7) frequency; 8) series title and number; 9) title and content notes; 10) microfiche availability symbol; 11) OCLC record number; and 12) entry number. Materials not needing full bibliographic description are listed alphabetically by title under the subheading "LEAFLETS."

    Part 2 is a subject index. Each publication is entered under one or more subject terms which reflect its content. Annual reports and other administrative publications are listed under the key word in the name of the issuing agency. The names of Texas cities, counties, private and public colleges and universities, and regional entities also are used as subject terms. Each entry includes the title, classification number, and entry number.


    The annual index for 1994 and the checklists beginning with January, 1995, are available electronically by modem and the Internet via Telnet and World Wide Web. The URL is Some methods require a logon. The logon name to use is link . may telnet to and logon as link, may access the TSEL via a graphical interface such as Netscape or Mosaic or via LYNX .

    By modem, you may telephone 512/475-4444 (8/0/1), and logon as link .


    The Texas State Library sends copies of the publications it receives to its depository libraries, whenever possible. To determine how a publication has been distributed, note the distribution symbol given with each entry:

    (D) Depository: the publication is available for loan from the Texas State Library and all state depository libraries;
    (N) Non-depository: the publication is available for loan from the Texas State Library.


    The Texas State Library has available for loan single copies of the publications listed in the checklists. Publications showing (D) depository distribution are available from state depository libraries. All such publications can be obtained by local libraries through the state's interlibrary loan system.

    There are agency publications available directly from the agency but not distributed through the program. These publications may be for sale or single copies may be provided free of charge upon request. Requests for permanent copies must be directed to the issuing agency. Inclusion of a title in a checklist does not guarantee that the agency has copies available for general distribution.


    With few exceptions, (N) Non-depository publications can be purchased in microfiche format from the State and Local Records Management Division of the Texas State Library. The microfiche availability symbol that is displayed with each entry indicates the approximate number of fiche that was produced to represent the entire publication. Microfiche copies of a publication can be purchased for 50 cents per fiche. To obtain more information about the Program or to receive the Micropublishing Sales Order Form, contact the Publication Clearinghouse, Texas State Library, 1201 Brazos, Austin, TX 78711, 512/463-5435.
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