Tuition and Fee Schedule

The University of Houston restructured tuition and fees to a fixed rate per semester credit hour beginning fall 2012, as have other universities in the state.  The Board of Regents endorsed and approved the revised schedule.  In the past the Law Center charges were a combination of tuition per semester credit hour and fees that remained constant regardless of the hours taken.  Under the new schedule, those taking fewer hours and using fewer services will be paying less than in the past; those Texas residents enrolled in 11 or more hours will see an increase in costs.  Overall, however, the total cost of your law school degree should be the same.

JD - entering class 2014

JD - entering fall 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013

JD - entering fall 2009 or earlier


LLM - entering fall 2014

LLM - entering fall 2012 & 2013

LLM - entering fall 2010 and fall 2011

LLM - entering fall 2009 and earlier

The tuition rate assigned to the student is based on the student’s academic plan and career, not the course.  Therefore, the LAW tuition rate applies to all courses that a student takes, including courses from other Colleges. 


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