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2015-2016 Faculty Scholarship

                         Richard M. Alderman

                                 Professor Emeritus
                                 Director, Center for Consumer Law

                             Consumer Arbitration in the United States—A Good Thing Gone Bad—
                             And Getting Worse, The Erosion of Faith, Fairness, and the Enforcement
                              of Consumer Rights, Int’l J. on Consumer L. & Prac. (forthcoming).
                              Consumer Credit and the Law (2015-2016 ed.), Dee Pridgen &
                              Richard M. Alderman.
                              Consumer Protection and the Law (2015-2016 ed.), Dee
                              Pridgen & Richard M. Alderman.
                             Texas Consumer Law: Cases and Materials (16th ed. 2015).
                             The Lawyer’s Guide to the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices
                             Act (2d ed. 2015).

                         Leonard M. Baynes

                                 Dean and Professor of Law

                             Underrepresentation of Latinas/os in the Legal Profession, in Latinos
                             and Criminal Justice: an Encyclopedia 465 (José Luis Morín
                              ed., 2016).
                             The University of Houston Law Center, 78 Tex. B.J. 789 (2015).

                         Emily Berman

                                 Assistant Professor

                             Quasi-Constitutional Protections and Government Surveillance, 2016
                              BYU L. Rev. (forthcoming).
                             The Torture Memos, in Encyclopedia of American Governance
                              (Stephen L. Schechter et al. eds. 2016).
                             The Two Faces of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, 91 Ind.
                              L.J. 1191 (2016).
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