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The University of Houston Law Center is nationally recognized

                        and has earned a powerful reputation.

                                                         Leading Law School | Nation’s 4th Largest City | Robust Legal Market

                                                     U.S. News                                                   Recipient of the                                           Ranked  th highest

                    BEST                         & World Report                   BEST                            ,      &                       BEST
                    SPECIALTIES:                        Ranked                    SPECIALTIES:                                                   VALUE                           in the nation for
                    CRIMINAL                                                      HEALTH                      Higher Education                   LAW                             average salary
                    LAW                           TOP                             LAW                            Excellence in                   SCHOOLS                           relative to

                    2018-19                         Health Law                    2018-19                      Diversity Award                   2018                       average student debt
                                              Intellectual Property                                                                                                               by graduation by

                                                Part-time Program                                               by INSIGHT into                                                Social Finance Inc.
                                                                                                              Diversity magazine                                                      in

                            In      we were named                                                      Professors                                                     TOP    IN THE WORLD
                           Among TOP   Go-To                                                       are members of the                                                       LL.M. Programs                         LL.M. Guide
                          Law Schools in Texas                   TOP                           American Law Institute                    TOP                          in Energy & Health Law
                                                                 SCHOOL                                                                  SCHOOL
                                  Among top 50                   FAMILY                                                                  BUSINESS                           LL.M. Gudie (    )
                                  Go-To law schools
                        Almost     of recent graduates           2018                                 Professors                         2018                                    Ranked
                          employed at nation’s largest                                                                                                                        for Tax LL.M.
                               top 100 law   rms                                                        Published in
                                                                                                Top 30 Law Reviews                                                        by Corporate Counsel
                               by                                                           between 2015 - 2017                                                        Best of

                         The Houston Law Review is ranked in Top 4% of more than 1,500 law journals by Washington and Lee University.
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