Page 20 - 2017 Faculty Scholarship
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Jessica Mantel
                                   Associate Professor of Law
                                   Co-Director, Health Law & Policy Institute

            Tackling the Social Determinants of Health: A Central Role for Providers,
             33 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 217 (2017).
            Refusing to Treat Noncompliant Patients Is Bad Medicine, Cardozo L.
             Rev. (forthcoming).

                                   Ellen Marrus:
                                   Royce Till Professor of Law
                                   Director, Center for Children, Law & Policy

            Representation of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System, in Child
             Advocacy in the Juvenile Justice System, Routledge Press, (Laura
             Cohen, Kris Henning & Ellen Marrus, eds.) (forthcoming).
            What’s Race Got to Do With It? Just About Everything: Challenging
             Implicit Bias to Reduce Minority Youth Incarceration in America, 8 John
             Marshall L. J. 437 (2015), Ellen Marrus & Nadia Seeratan.

      14                               University of Houston Law Center
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